September 16, 2022

Vanity Affairs: Why This Byron-Based Designer Considers Manuka Honey An Essential In Her Beauty Routine

Warning: reading on may cause spending of excessive funds on really good beauty products.

Welcome to Vanity Affairs—a series where we document the beauty routines of notable people.

There are some people who have an I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it kind of glow—a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. You know the ones—their hair falls just right, their skin is dewy but never shiny, and they seem to exude confidence.

In the interest of public service, we’ve set about tracking down these actors, influencers, models, founders, entrepreneurs, musicians, spokespeople (and more!!) to find out their secrets. Have you got your pen and paper ready?

Previously, we’ve spoken to Melanie Grant, Rozalia Russian, Lara Fells, Jules Sebastian, Georgia Fowler, Jonathan Van Ness and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Today, we’re taking a peek inside the beauty bag of Jemyma Kavanagh, the fashion designer and founder of Byron Bay-based label, Hyde & Stone. 

Hyde & Stone is a luxury fashion label that offers wardrobe essentials that are designed to transcend trends and seasons. From well-fitting trousers to shapely linen blazers, the brand’s pieces are versatile and make getting dressed effortless.

Here, we speak with Kavanagh—who is also the designer of the brand—and spill all her beauty secrets below…


“My day usually starts at 5am, I am up for a sunrise workout alternating a run, Pilates or circuit training, followed by my morning coffee and the ocean. I will then make breakfast—I love to incorporate Activist manuka honey here for immune support and its antibacterial properties. I then check emails before starting my day working from home.

My morning skincare routine is quite minimal, my go to products are all Lesse—I love to use organic ingredients as much as possible and Lesse is perfect for ensuring my skin always feels hydrated and glowy.I will use the Refining Cleanser, Ritual Serum and Regeneration Mist daily and incorporate the Bioactive Face Mask twice a week.

When I have time to destress, I like to run a bath and use my Lesse Bioactive face mask. [At night] I use biodegradable pads to wipe off any makeup and then use my Lesse Refining Cleanser and Ritual Serum.”


“My everyday look is again quite minimal, I mostly work from home and like to keep my skin bare with Lesse Ritual Serum. When I do wear makeup I like to always use as natural as possible with mineral powder by Nude by Nature and Eye of Horus’s natural mascara and eyebrow pencil.”


“The products I use often are Living Proof products from Mecca. The Curl Shampoo and Conditioner, and for styling I like to use the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream as it is an anti-frizz product. When my hair needs a home treatment in between salon treatments I use the Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment as a toner to keep it looking hydrated.”


“My body care rituals include infrared sauna sweats as much as I can to relieve stress, detoxify my body and help with immune support. Post sauna my skin always feels rejuvenated. I also try to include dry body brushing, to improve circulation and to exfoliate. I use the Energy Brush from Luna Beauty Apothecary.


“My favourite everyday fragrance is the Chloe Signature Eau De Parfum. Its light, fresh and slightly floral fragrance is easy to gravitate towards.”


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