April 17, 2024

Beyond The Mat: Two Ex-Ballerinas On How They Started A Pilates Empire


Inside the lives of the founders and owners of House of Sculpt.

Have you ever wondered what your pilates instructors do behind the serene ambiance of a Pilates studio? If you’re anything like me, I genuinely fan-girl my instructors and have formed a healthy obsession with the founders and owners of House of Sculpt in Bondi.

Meet Nicole Clarke Mitchell and Sascha Orlievsky: The iconic dynamic duo behind the scenes of House of Sculpt Pilates. The pair offer more than just fitness sessions; they provide a lifestyle. As owners and lead instructors, their commitment extends beyond the mat, shaping the way their clients experience Pilates. With backgrounds steeped in the ethereal world of ballet, complemented by TEDx talks and industry acclaim as movement mavens, Clarke Mitchell and Orlievsky aren’t just instructors; they’re icons of impeccable form and holistic wellness.

I’ve surely got your attention now. Their classes? A finely orchestrated symphony of fluidity, mindfulness, and just the right amount of sweat to leave you feeling the burn—in all the right places, of course. Being ex-ballerinas, their cues are on-point all whilst being encouraging and inclusive. I admire these two powerhouse women so much, and I’m constantly in awe of how they coordinate killer in-person classes, plus an online subscription platform, and all in a fun, flexible and creative way.

Hot tip: They’ve recently launched a new series on their online platform called SCULPT & SYNC which includes carefully curated Pilates videos to work with your hormones to help you feel your best during all phases of your cycle. Need I say more? 

From favourite exercises to go-to cocktails, join us as we explore the journey of two beautiful leaders in the wellness space, who embody the essence of mindful movement and holistic well-being.

Gritty Pretty (GP): What does a typical day actually look like for you both?
Nicole Clarke Mitchell and Sascha Orlievsky  (NCM + SO): Early rise and straight down to Bondi Pavilion to teach our amazing community. Post SCULPT it’s usually meetings, a PT session or Pilates, working from home, all followed by more teaching or a slow night to unwind. Long, but fulfilling days. 

GP: What do you do when you’re not teaching Pilates?
NCM + SO: If we aren’t eating, we’re moving. 

GP: I love that you get to work with your best friend every day. How do you two navigate being business partners and best pals?
NCM + SO: The most important part of working with your bestie is to have dedicated time for hanging out as friends that is separate to the time you’re working together, as well as honest and open communication.

GP: We want to know, do you both actually do Pilates? How often? Or alternatively, how do you stay fit?
NCM + SO: Absolutely! Pilates has been the forefront of our training as it makes us both feel our best. We love the personal reminder of the transformational effects of this style of movement and just how good you can feel when you put yourself first.

GP: Let’s be honest, Sydney is saturated with Pilates and fitness work-outs. How does your style of pilates instructing differ from others? What makes House of Sculpt so unique?
NS: We like to say that SCULPT is your wild best friend who knows how to have a good time! Our classes are dynamic, rhythmical and creative. They feel just as good as they look and it’s a ‘leave your BS at the door’ vibe. Our space is welcoming and uplifting. Although, don’t be fooled—you’re going to get your butt burnt! 

GP: Go-to exercises?
NCM: Bent leg kickback and glute bridges any day.
SO: Bent leg kickback, arabesque lunge variations and bicycle. 

GP: Favourite cocktail?
NCM: Dirty Gin martini—filthy. Or a Peroni red!
SO: Tommy’s Marg!

GP: Favourite beauty product?
NCM: Gua Sha, good water and fresh produce.
SO: Bone broth, moisturiser and a dry body brush.

GP: What are your 5 of your favourite at home Pilates exercises?
NCM + SO: Glute bridge, kick back, prone work, teaser (more fun when no one is watching) and all the abs!

GP: If you had to pick one video from your online Pilates platform to do every day, which one would it be?
NCM: Snack abs 2.
SO: Core caviar 1.

You can book in to House of Sculpt’s in-person classes here, or join their online subscription platform via https://thehouseofsculpt.com/


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