October 20, 2020

Close Your Eyes And Let This Vibrant Fragrance Carry You Away To A Beach In The Mediterranean

Versace’s new Dylan Turquoise fragrance is a holiday in a bottle.

Whether you’re an adventurous type or prefer to spend your holiday leave lying under an umbrella cocktail in hand, it has been scientifically proven that our memory holds onto memories of travel tightly. Think about it: when we’re at home, we cruise through life on autopilot, controlled by our subconscious. Whereas when we’re on holiday, the lack of a routine means we are free to take in the scenery: the glimmer of the ocean, a technicolour sunset, the sound of waves crashing…

What’s more, our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory – so if you want to relive one of these treasured holidays from years gone past, a fragrance should help you do it.


If it’s a European getaway you’re craving – let’s face it, COVID-19 ruined our actual Euro-summer plans – Versace Dylan Turquoise is your fast-track to a deserted beach in the Mediterranean. No really… Versace’s bright new scent is best served with an Aperol Spritz.

Applied to your pulse points (that’s your neck, wrists, the bend of your elbows and even the back of your knees) it’s the top notes of lemon, mandarin and pink pepper that you will notice at first. Dylan Turquoise contains Primofiore lemon which is far from your average and, just quietly, considered to be the finest quality lemon available; it gives a slightly acidic but constant green note. This is complemented by Italian mandarin from Sicily for a multifaceted fruity accord. Light, fresh and zesty, these top notes give Dylan Turquoise a summertime spin.

Spritz this scent onto your skin (not your clothing, we beg you) and before long, the middle notes of blackcurrant, jasmin, freesia and guava will make their presence known. The guava, in particular, has a tropical undertone. Finally, as the fragrance dries down, Clearwood and musk anchor the scent and give it the depth to linger a little longer.

What makes Dylan Turquoise transport the wearer to the Euro-summer that never was? Is it the Primofiore lemon? Perhaps. Is it the fruity Italian mandarin from Sicily? Could be. Or is it the hint of tropical guava? There’s a chance. Our bet: fragrance’s transportive power lies in the delicate dance between the three. Close your eyes and let Dylan Turquoise sweep you off your feet.

You can find Dylan Turquoise in all Myer and David Jones stores – shop now.



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