April 24, 2024

These Are The Gritty Pretty Team’s All-Time Favourite Fragrances

Photography: Hannah Brooks

No beauty look is complete without the perfect fragrance…

Fragrance is something that is uniquely personal and finding a favourite that will last the test of time is nothing short of a journey. But, once you’ve found your perfect scent, it’s likely to follow you through numerous periods of your life and be the one you turn to for both comfort and familiarity. Although you might be someone who has a different fragrance for each life event—an everyday fragrance, a fragrance you wore on your wedding day, or even a fragrance you only wear around specific loved ones so as to mark a moment in time—we all know that among that wardrobe of carefully curated scents, there is one that manages to out-do them all. At least, that is the case for us. 

In an office full of women who love to try and test the latest in beauty and fragrance (it is our job, after all), one thing is for certain: the Gritty Pretty team smell good. And, it’s all thanks to the team’s go-to scents. From vanilla notes to niche labels, our beauty-obsessed team share their all-time favourite fragrances, in the hope to inspire you on your journey to finding yours. 

Naomi Goodsir Nuit de Bakelite

“I recently smelt this fragrance on someone at a work event and I have never thought so obsessively for weeks about a scent after smelling it. I stalked the man down who was wearing the most alluring gender-neutral perfume I’ve ever come across and I did not let him leave until he divulged its name! Nuit de Bakelite is an Australian perfume crafted by Naomi Goodsir and can be found at Peony Melbourne boutique—it is green, obsessive and addictive. This scent sees tuberose at its heart and will literally stop passersby in the street. I am, in a word, consumed by this scent! Smell it and then DM me so we can gush about it together.” 

Eleanor Pendleton, Founder & Publisher 


MILLA MILLA Nowhere Eau De Parfum   

I stumbled across this fragrance in a boutique in Byron Bay. I spritzed it on myself and kept wandering around town—but I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist, where I’d sprayed it. I came back to Sydney and immediately emailed the publicist for a sample. It’s so uniquely brilliant—grassy and woody with a hint of coolness. Adore.” 

Danielle Gay, Editor 


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille   

“My sister got me onto Tobacco Vanille a lifetime ago and I’ve never gotten over it. The “Private Blend” by Tom Ford has pervasive notes of tobacco, spicy cacao-vanilla with rich wood that has a truly remarkable longevity (the kind that stays on your clothes and in your hair). It feels sophisticated, warm and alluring, definitely indulgent, and somewhat leathery. You could say it’s more of a winter scent and it is quite masculine, definitely not for everyone, but j’adore!”

Lilli Corbett, Account Manager


Byredo Unnamed 

“This is a tricky one. My all time favourite fragrance is Byredo Unnamed. The question is: do I love it so much because I can’t get it? It’s like how I suddenly fell in love with the Dunphy’s as soon as I knew Modern Family was finishing after 250 episodes. When Byredo Unnamed was released in 2016 to celebrate the fragrance house’s 10th birthday, I was young, and free. It was a fragrant stamp of this time of my life, before the cost of living crisis kicked in and I had to start worrying about how to best care for little humans. The scent encouraged everyone to celebrate their identity, allowing you to name the fragrance whatever you wished with cute little stickers to add to the iconic minimal packaging. I emptied 2 bottles before I could no longer find it. I hear whispers of it coming back into stores far away, but until it’s on my wrist again, I’ve settled for other Byredo fragrances and have Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost on rotation. Both are equal seconds, while I wait for the Modern Family reunion to be announced.” 

Sarah Daly, Art Director 


Matiere Premiere Vanilla Powder

“Never in my life have I received as many “you smell good” compliments as I have when wearing the Matiere Premiere Vanilla Powder fragrance. The perfect blend between masculine and feminine, this scent has notes of palo santo oil, vanilla absolute and white musk which make it intriguing yet refreshing. Perfect for day or night, someone will comment on this fragrance every single time I wear it…so needless to say I haven’t (and won’t) stop!”

Rose Garnett, Beauty Editor


Le Labo Thé Noir 29

When I first tried Le Labo Thé Noir 29, I instantly knew it would be my forever scent. It is perfectly balanced – discreetly bold and sensuously mellow. I do tend to switch up my fragrances, depending on my mood and occasion— but I’ll always reach for this one when I want to feel unapologetically myself. When I wear it, I feel energised with a quiet confidence.”

—Nicola Sevitt, Head of Creative Production


Aesop Eidesis EDP

“I have always opted for fragrances that offer earthy tones, so Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum was love at first wear for me. It smells subtly different on each wearer, making it a very unique experience. It offers a woody, spicy and delicious ambery scent that lingers on the body all day. The unexpected mix of watery florals meeting with the warm and woody base is a unique and contemporary composition that offers stillness to the mind. Eidesis Eau de Parfum is a grounding fragrance that I will return to, time and time again.”

—Hannah Brooks, Art Editor 


Maison Louis Marie No. 13 Nouvelle Vague

“Fragrance is something I find tricky. I had been on the hunt for a new signature fragrance for what felt like years. Then, I discovered this perfume at a small local boutique in my home town and instantly fell in love. The scent is available as a perfume oil and an Eau de Parfum and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have both—I simply can’t get enough of it. With notes of coconut waters, tuscan fig and amber, it’s a fragrance I find both warmth and comfort in. What’s more, the brand is now stocked at Sephora meaning it’s now available Australia wide and not just those lucky enough to stumble across it in a local boutique.” 

Sarah Garnam, Editorial & Production Coordinator



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