June 05, 2023

A Citrus Scent For Winter? We Think It’s Groundbreaking

by NAOMI FERREIRA - In partnership with Acqua di Parma
acqua di parma

When the days become shorter and the air begins to bite, the season calls for experimentation, particularly where fragrance is concerned. As I crave warmth, a change of scenery (and weather), I’m slowly reminded that a blast of citrus is a perfect reminder of salty, sun-soaked days. For me, it tugs on the olfactory sense of refreshment and feels as though I’ve been transported, inspiring visions of citrus trees lining the fields of Sicily.

Naturally, we can’t all escape the winter blues but we can invite vibrancy into our wardrobes, reinvent by starting a new hobby or, in my case, opt for a daydream through a limited-edition fragrance. And that’s exactly what ensues from a spritz of Acqua di Parma’s newest addition to their Blu Mediterraneo range, Arancia La Spugnatura. Perhaps it’s this idea of a travel-free Italian getaway that attracts me to citrus in the first place. 

Opening with top notes of arancia vaniglia (a vanilla orange native to Sicily, Italy), mandarin and lemon, the eccentric and soft zesty motif soon finds itself contrasted by middle notes of bitter almond and black pepper. It’s full of texture, inventive and innovative as it draws on a variety of orange that combines the freshness of citrus with the alluring softness of vanilla, allowing wearers to test out a fragrant new persona.

The scent becomes an easy signature to wear as it never verges on a synthetic caricature of the fruit itself, but beautifully captures the essence of arancia vaniglia. That’s because it’s rooted in the ancient and rare process of juice extraction by hand, known as La Spugnatura. This traditional artisanal process requires time, skillful movement and precise gestures. It is artisanship, human touch and the fullness of nature embodied in a bottle. Now it becomes the invisible shroud that announces and lingers like a calling card: she (or he) was just here

Evocative of the bittersweet—something akin to the feeling of winter approaching—the fragrant journey continues to unfold. Putting a spin on the traditional warm scents for winter, the heart notes eventually lend themselves to a light touch of cedar wood and grounding musk. It’s an enveloping base that makes the perfume not too sweet, making way for an earthy unisex aroma that signals escape and the spirit of the Italian coast. 

This subtle symphony reminiscent of summer (all year round) is created by master perfumer François Demachis, the nose behind some of the most iconic fragrances of the modern era. Having spent most of his life in Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world, it’s no wonder this scent is sure to become a mainstay in your artillery of fragrances. 

Packaged in a navy blue porcelain bottle, a signature of the Blu Mediterraneo collection, the bottle is hand-crafted with orange, gold and white motifs. A variation on Acqua di Parma’s 1999 Arancia di Capri and following, more recently, Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura. In true ‘90s nostalgia, the arrival of this limited-edition fragrance not only paves the way for the introduction of a perfect scent to take you from summer to winter and back, it’s bound to spark a little joy on your vanity counter and throughout long winter days.


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