November 27, 2023

Creative Director Lauren Trend On The Unique Nature Of Love

by GRITTY PRETTY - In partnership with Coach

Love is all you need.

For Melbourne-based consultant and creative director, Lauren Trend, love is something universally felt but individually expressed. “Love is feeling free to express myself, authentically,” she says. “Love, to me, is also more than a descriptor—but a practice.” 

Trend’s thoughts on love get to the very heart of it: love is not simply a feeling but an expression. Coach Love, the new fragrance by New York-based fashion house, Coach, allows us to embrace opportunities to express our love boldly, authentically, and most importantly, in our own way.

Coach Love is a floral expression with top notes of wild strawberry, which open up to a rich and velvety heart note of red velvet rose. At the essence of this fragrance is warm cedarwood, which gives it an unexpected boldness which lingers on the skin.

For Trend, a woman in deep partnership with her wife, Lucy, her ultimate expression of love is their daughter, Mila, who the couple welcomed to the world two years ago. “Mila is our love made manifest, and not a day goes by that we don’t talk about just how lucky we are to be her mums.”

To celebrate Coach Love, we asked Lauren and Lucy to share their notes on love, which remind us that love is a distinctive attitude—something you wear as much as something you feel.

Lauren: What does love mean to you?

Lucy: Feeling fully accepted, supported and proving that support to those that I love. I feel like love has also taken on new meaning since becoming a parent. The love we share for our daughter is the most expansive and powerful love I’ve ever known.

Lauren: What do you love about me most?

Lucy: I love your confidence, your playfulness and the joy you bring. I also really admire your openness to learning and bettering yourself. You’re also an incredible mother, partner, daughter and friend.

Lauren: What do you think makes me uniquely “me”?

Lucy: Your ability to be there for others, while also being able to ask for support. You also never shy away from standing up for what you believe in, or using your voice and platform for the betterment of others.

Lauren: How would you describe our love in 3 words?

Lucy: Trusting, open, playful.

Lauren: What would you say are my love languages?

Lucy: I’d say all of them.. Haha! You need each of them in different moments, rather than one more than any of the others.. Quality time, acts of service, physical touch and words of affirmation in equal measure!

Lauren: How do you express love?

Lucy: I think that my most common expression of love is through shared meals and cooking for those that I love. Creating memories around mealtimes and remembering special occasions through notable dining experiences has been an everlasting expression of our love story.

Lauren: How does Coach Love smell on me?

Lucy: Sweet, and bright. It smells like a summer holiday.

Lucy: What does love mean to you?

Lauren: Safety, security, being and feeling seen. It’s the act of seeing and being seen, of letting walls down, and letting others in. It’s both made up of tiny moments and lifelong commitments.

Lucy: What is it about our bond that you most treasure?

Lauren: Our ability to find each other, again, in both the good and hard times. Regardless of everything that we have going on around us, we’re always able to find joy and levity.

Lucy: What is your fondest memory of us together?

Lauren: I have so many but the one that stands out most is the moment our daughter was born. It felt surreal at the time, and still feels just as surreal two years on. 

Lucy: How would you describe our love in 3 words?

Lauren: Playful, honest, expansive.

Lucy: What would you say are my love languages?

Lauren: Definitely quality time spent together.. and acts of service! You also love little gifts, or being surprised unexpectedly with the smallest little things. It’s really sweet..

Lucy: How do you express love?

Lauren: I feel like I’m always expressing love verbally.. But also tangibly and in ways that aren’t as quantifiable; through making our house a home, for example, or ensuring that Mila grows up with magical childhood memories. I definitely feel like my expressions of love are tied to creating lasting memories!

Lucy: How does Coach Love smell on me?

Lauren: Romanic, sweet and sentimental.

Express love in your own way with Coach Love. Shop now.


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