January 10, 2024

7 New Fragrances To Try In 2024

new fragrances

Because smelling good never goes out of style.

So, you’ve done the big post-New Year’s clean and chucked out everything but the kitchen sink. Kudos, baby! But you’re now realising that when it’s out with the old, it also makes space for the new. And what better way to mark the start of a brand new year than with a brand new fragrance? 

Helping to evoke memories and immediately take you back to a particular space, time or place, finding a new scent to mark 2024 is a great way to ensure no new memory is lost. And while, yes, you could try something that has been on the market for years, we figure why not look to the fragrances that have just landed on the shelves (and that most people haven’t had the chance to try yet). Here, we roundup seven of the newest fragrances that we think you should try in 2024. 

Maison Margiela Replica Under The Stars

The Overview: Created to evoke the memory of a starry night spent in the wilds of nature, Maison Margiela Replica’s Under The Star is a timeless blend of oud essence and labdanum resinoid that captures the mystery and otherworldly nature of the night sky. Warm and ambery, this fragrance conjures the warmth of a summer wind caressing the skin.


The Notes: 

Top — Black pepper essence, cinnamon leaves essence

Heart — Cypriol essence, Virginian cedarwood essence

Base — Labdanum resinoid, Oud infusion, Leather accord

Vyrao Sun Rae Eau De Parfum

The Overview: Like a bottle of sunshine, the Vyrao Sun Rae EDP is the perfect scent if you’re looking for something uplighting, positive and calming on the skin. Perfect for the late summer afternoons, this fragrance is as bright as it is relaxing, with a hint of sensual tranquility.


The Notes:

Top — Turmeric leaf, turmeric root, fresh ginger, bergamot, lemon

Heart — Cardamon, black pepper

Base — Vetiver, sandalwood, amber, musk

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin Eau De Parfum

The Overview: Like a stroll through the empty streets of Paris in the early morning light, Petit Matin EDP is a citrusy floral fragrance perfect for everyday wear. Combining sweetness with a labyrinth of musky amber notes, this intricate scent is one that will leave a lingering impression on anyone you encounter.


The Notes:

Top — Litsea cubeba, lemon, lavandin

Heart — Orange blossom, hawthorn

Base — Musk

Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me

The Overview: A prismatic floral fragrance that marks the beginning of a new era for Narciso Rodriguez, the All Of Me scent is a staple. Paying tribute to the legacy of the famed For Her fragrance, the signature musk note creates an air of sensibility while the floral top notes keep it feminine and fresh.


The Notes: 

Top — White peony, black iris, tuberose

Heart — Rose, geranium bourbon, musc

Base — Sandalwood, amber

Aesop Ouranon EDP

The Overview: Steeped in resinous woods, earthy minerality and decadent spices, Aesop Ouranon is the fragrance for the aromatic lover in your life. Poetic and luxurious, the fragrance is moody and mysterious and is the perfect addition to an evening sipping martinis and dining on steak frites.


The Notes: 

Top — Petitgrain, elemi, lavender flower

Heart — Hay, chamomile, frankincense

Base — Myrrh, tonka, patchouli

Le Labo Lavande 31

The Overview: This scent knocks all preconceived notions of lavender on its head, with bergamot and neroli essential oils giving it a face lift, the Le Labo Lavande 31 is truly unique. A true expression of duality, the fragrance is both clean and gritty, musky and floral, dark and yet light. A real showstopper, if you ask us.


The Notes:

Top — Neroli, bergamot

Heart — Lavender

Base — Musk, tonka, amber

Obvious Une Pistache

The Overview: A well-rounded fragrance with almond facets and invigorating incense, Obvious’s Une Pistache is nuanced in more ways than one. A scent that is gourmand and sweet, yet bitter and dry, we think it is perfect if you’re looking for something that kisses goodbye to the mainstream.


The Notes:

Top — Neroli, carrot, cardamom

Heart — Pistachio, heliotrope, olibanum

Base — Sandalwood, cashmeran, musk


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