October 05, 2023

This Fragrance Is Sultry Femininity At Its Finest

by GRITTY PRETTY - In partnership with Rabanne
Photography: Pete Daly

Confidence in a bottle.

You know those days when you spring out of bed in the morning, the crisp air outside is just the right temperature, the birds are chirping, your hair is sitting perfectly as you stroll into the kitchen to your warm oat cappuccino and your favourite outfit is gliding over your curves in a way you’d only ever heard described in a Beyoncé song? We have always wondered how we could bottle that kind of confidence. Well, luckily for us, Rabanne’s new Fame Parfum is just that.

Created to empower women to embrace their femininity in its purest form—where power, sensuality, confidence and mystery unite—this fragrance is as fresh as it is daring and will have you batting away people desperate to know what it is you’re wearing. Dreamt up by globally-renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche, Marie Salamagne and Alberto Morillas, the scent effortlessly walks the line between a daytime delight and evening elegance—the quintessence of avant-garde luxury, if you will. Think what you imagine your favourite Parisian fashion blogger would smell like while slinky home from a black tie dinner under the Eiffel Tower.

Opening with top notes of succulent mango and earthy bergamot and enriched with heart notes of delicate jasmine and sensual, creamy incense, the scent’s grounding in base notes of mineral musk, sandalwood and vanilla give it that mysterious yet glamorous flair. What’s even more impressive is that the fragrance is also made in France from the most precious, ethically-sourced ingredients. 

Housed in a bottle that still features the iconic chainmail dress (inspired by Paco Rabanne’s legendary Manifesto collection), the new iteration is styled with glossy black finishes to match the intensity and luxury of the sparkling fragrance notes inside. In short, if you haven’t already added this to cart while reading, you best move quickly before all the glamorous bottles are snapped up!

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Editor’s Tip: How To Apply Paco Rabanne Fame So It Lasts All Day (Or Night!)

Step 1: Apply fragrance-free moisturiser in the areas where you’d like to spray your Fame Parfum. This will help the scent last longer on the skin due to maximum hydration levels.

Step 2: Spray it on perfume pressure points. Think behind your ears, at the base of your throat, inner wrists and decolletage. 

Step 3: Do not rub your wrists together (or pat them on your chest for that matter) as this can disrupt the pH of the fragrance and cause it to break down faster. Simply let the scent settle and dry on your skin. Patience is key!


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