“What scent do you love on your partner and why?”

We asked some of our favourite influencers this simple question and we did not get a single crossover. Granted, the sample size was small but there’s something to be said for what we’re attracted to on our lover. It’s as unique as they are.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (for those obliged), here are some ideas…

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“I love this Maison Martin Margiela Replica Jazz Club scent (coming soon to MECCA) because it has a rich spicy yet smooth scent. It smells very masculine with hints of leather and rum but balanced with the sweetness of vanilla. I have never been a fan of a light scent on a man. The more rich, the sexier.”
@Brooketestoni, Founder of Rylan Studio.



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“I bought Nathan Oud Wood by Tom Ford for Christmas, and he pulls it out for date nights and special occasions. It’s super sexy, woody and masculine… but I have to say, there’s nothing I love more than coming home and into bed with the scent of his Dove deodorant. It’s smells clean, safe and like home.”
– Yan Chan (@_YanYanChan), Documenter and Content Creator.



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“My partner Taj is a real manly man, and to be honest I love his natural scent. He smells rugged, masculine and always smells like the salty ocean (as that is where he spends most of his life). If I had to pick a favourite scent of his for our nights out, it would have to be La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. It isn’t too over powering and there’s something about it that makes him a level more attractive than he already is!”
@Rebecca.Jobson, Founder of Mini Marley Kidswear.



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“My husband Rich wears the scent he wore on our wedding almost everyday and I absolutely love it. Its Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut, which I picked out for him because the scent actually reminded me of him.”
– Sara Crampton (@Harperandharley), Founder of The Undone Store.



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“I love when my fiancé wears rich, woody scents like Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. They instantly make him sexy (than he already is). I think there is something really attractive about a man who appreciates fine fragrance and Mathew Wilson and Tom Ford are two of them.”
–  @EleanorPendleton, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Gritty Pretty.


What fragrance do you love on your man?


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