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We’re a sucker for flowers.

The only problem: they don’t last forever. The impermanence makes them precious but imagine being able to capture that fleeting olfactory moment when a bud bursts into bloom and then have it on repeat. Wouldn’t that be something very special?

Viktor & Rolf’s latest fragrance instalment, Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette is just that. The scent, defined as fruity floriental, was developed from a desire to create an airy fragrance that was was synonymous with “the bloom of spring,” explains Viktor & Rolf.

If you’ve ever inhaled the robust full-floral bouquet that is Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum, the juice of the new Flowerbomb Bloom is a buoyant, spirited and energising continuation of its predecessor.

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Featuring top notes of delicate pomegranate, bergamot and mandarin oils and a thousand-flower heart composed of the same floral DNA as Flowerbomb (smell: Peony Accord and Jasmine), the other discerning feature of this fragrance is the infusion of pure air molecules captured from the mountain peaks of the Pacific Northwest, re-created synthetically to make Flowerbomb Bloom instantly uplifting and wearable for everyday. At its base, notes of the musk, vanilla and patchouli leave all who come into contact feeling enchanted and inspired.

Mama’s will proudly display the signature Viktor & Rolf grenade-flacon on their vanity – this one has an elongated silhouette symbolic of the fragrance’s uplifting qualities. The glass is crystal clear, like the crisp, sparkling air encapsulated within. And, the delicate pink floral juice is a reminder of the scent’s budding potential, waiting to burst.

This Mother’s Day, get mama a fragrance the empowers her to bloom that way she’s empowered you. Make a beeline for Flowerbomb Bloom.

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SHOP NOW: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Eau De Toilette.

Post sponsored by: Viktor & Rolf.

Photography: Hannah Roche for Gritty Pretty.

Floral Styling: Myra Perez (My Violet) for Gritty Pretty.

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Wendy Hoang

Thank you for saying so! x

The Accords

Stunning. Who knew the bomb needed more air in her hair - it works so well tho. That pomegranate note, gah, exquisite. Amazing capture of a breathy beauty.

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