Finish this sentence: Summer smells like…

Personally, it’s lemon Calippos, poolside chlorine and jasmine on the vine; someone else might it’s chocolate and cherries, zinc across the nose and a salty ocean breeze. Whatever your olfactory memories of summer, one of these scents is sure to conjure it – and what better reason to invest in a fragrance than one that reminds you of the most wonderful time of the year.

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Lubin Paris Epidor

The vibe of this fragrance is countryside summer. Think ‘Fields of Gold’ by Sting – nostalgic, romantic, slow. Despite its floral notes (Violet, Plum, Jasmine and Orange Blossom), the sweet scent feels lived in, emanating in the heat and not freshly picked. A light musk scent trail of Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla lingers on you throughout the night.

Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up

Quintessentially summer, Juliette Has A Gun’s latest is all about fun in the sun; they’re calling it “happy therapy”. To us, the joyous fragrance smells of sunscreen smeared generously across the face. Notes of Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood and Ambrette (a light and sweet vegan musk) will leave you feeling, as its name suggests, sunny side up.


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Brand new into MECCA stores is OdeJo. Created by ex-GQ Creative Fashion Director, Jo Levin, in partnership with the visionary, Jeff Lounds (of cult-loved perfume brand, Escentric Molecules) and Vogue Fashion alum, Tim Blanks, this aquatic and fresh unisex scent blends cucumber oil, lily and Tahitian rose. Classy, refreshing and a welcome reprieve from the unforgiving summer heat.

CK Obsessed For Women

The nostalgia is strong with this one, rekindling memories of a bygone summer fling. The original 1985 CK Obsession has been reimagined and this one is less spicy than the first, but nonetheless alluring. Opening with the scent of fresh greenery, before quickly converting to a sweet, wearable floral musk with White Lavender, Violet Leaf, Purple Sage and Ambrette, this perfume is new-school cool with a lot of old-school appeal.

Altaia Tuberose In Blue

A classic floral fragrances that’s very easy to love. The story behind it is a balmy stopover in Rio de Janeiro, a road-trip with the windows wound down as the radio hums in the background, and the sweet perfume that comes in through the window, starting with Mandarin and Neroli, developing into Tuberose and Freesia and settling into Cedar Wood and Sandalwood. (Altaia Tuberose in Blue is available at MECCA on 9th November).


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Diptyque Geranium Endorata

A rollerball is the perfect way to wear fragrance in summer, letting heat from your pressure points emanate the scent as you warm up. This one by Diptyque celebrates Bergamot, a bright purple flower in the mint family, coming into bloom. Coupled with its namesake Geranium Bourbon and Rose Geranium, it creates an intoxicating syrupy floral nectar on the skin. Beware confused bees.

Twilly d’Hermès

We’ve already said a lot about Twilly d’Hermès,the remarkable new scent by master perfumer, Christine Nagel, for  Hermès. The scent is inspired, sophisticated, familiar and yet still feels very modern. With Ginger, Tuberose and Sandalwood, it’s not a scent you’ll ever tire of wearing. Energising and adaptable, each time you wear it, you’ll discover something new.

Do you have a spring/summer fragrance?

Tell us, what does summer smell like to you?


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