July 13, 2022

Two Beauty Editors Wore This New Fragrance For A Week And Here’s What Happened

by ROSE GARNETT - In partnership with Narciso Rodriguez
narciso rodriguez
Photography: Nicola Sevitt

Was it fiancé-approved? You’ll have to read on to find out.

As beauty editors, we have new fragrances come across our desk every single week. Some fresh, some floral, some earthy, some musky–we have an endless supply to choose from when we want to smell nice. But it is a rarity that both of us reach for the same bottle (at the same time). Such was the case with the new Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose EDP. From memory, there was a (not so) delicate leap across the desk to be the first to smell it.

Luckily for us, two bottles were found at the bottom of the bag and we could both take one home to try. Determined to really put this one through its paces, we thought what better way to test it out than to compare our experiences over the course of one week. Seven days for this fragrance to prove itself and then we’d compare notes (get it?). Did it deliver on the all-important compliment front? Was it long-lasting? Were we still reaching for it by day seven? Here, we reveal all…



My motivation to properly get ready for a work from home day always peaks on a Monday morning (by Friday we aren’t so lucky), so I always like to pop on a fragrance to start my week off right. Typically a pretty dedicated signature scent girl, I was interested to see if my housemate would notice any difference with the new addition to my fragrance wardrobe–and that she did. “Oooh what’s that?” I could tell she was angling for her own spritz of the floral scent. With both of us now engulfed in a ploom of the creamy amber floral fragrance, our apartment was heavenly to work in all day long. 


Like Rose, I work from home on Mondays, so my first day trialling Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose EDP had an audience of one: my fiancé. I hadn’t told him I would be trialling a new fragrance so I was pleasantly surprised when he said, “Hey, you smell nice.” I thanked him and pressed him on what exactly he liked about the fragrance. “It’s a nice smell,” was all I got but I think what caught his attention was the fact this perfume is super sensual and feminine, thanks to the intense tuberose notes.



On day two, I breezed into the office, coffee in hand, and was immediately complimented by the Gritty Pretty team on my fragrance. “Oh, what’s that?” asked our producer, Nicola. “It’s really musc-y.” I held out my wrist and explained I was trialling Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Musc Noir Rose EDP for a story. The fragrance has a signature heart of musc which lingers on the skin long after you spray it. The team consensus was that this is a fragrance that I should make a permanent fixture in my scent wardrobe.



Day three of trialling the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose EDP and I was off to my friend Jack’s birthday drinks after a long day at the office. In an effort to refresh myself after a day of meetings and podcast recordings, I topped up the fragrance (not that I really needed to as the staying power is very impressive) before heading off. Greeted as I walked into the pub with compliments aplenty (“You smell nice” “I love your perfume” etc. etc.), I had an immediate pep in my step. What do I put it down to? The top notes of Italian bergamot oil and pink peppercorn that make this fragrance feminine yet mysterious.



I had cocktails with my friend in the city after work. This was now day four and I had been genuinely shocked at how many people commented on the fragrance. But as soon as I hugged my friend, she mentioned it too. “It really suits you,” she added. I usually wear woody scents, so For Her Musc Noir Rose is a refreshing departure from my regular fragrance and yet still has the rich leather suede accords, which I think is why it was such an easy transition for me.



TGIF! Friday night saw me heading out to family dinner and a theatre production so I was eager to see if my mum would notice a difference in my scent–and that she did. Initially asking me if I was wearing my grandfather’s cologne (he was a dedicated fan of the Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir EDT), I was quick to inform her of the layering power of the new Musc Noir Rose iteration. Using For Her Pure Musc as the base, adding the new scent on top created an element of depth and smokiness that I hadn’t had earlier in the week. I love the layering capacity as I feel like it really allows me to create a unique scent that is personal to me. Almost like my own signature!



I am religious about my Saturday morning spin class and I always like to smell great when I go because 1) I’m in very close proximity to strangers and 2) sweat is a major factor. The For Her Musc Noir Rose was perfect to wear as the base notes of oriental vanilla and Indonesian patchouli make the scent warm and inviting without it being too heavy on the nose. Safe to say I was the best smelling spinner that day!


On day six, I found myself wearing Musc Noir Rose around the house, just because. I’d always liked Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Musc Noir and the addition of the tuberose and amber floral accords in MUSC NOIR ROSE has really elevated it to my new favourite scent. I’ve also enjoyed looking at it on my top shelf: the simple, clean lines of the bottle and the intense pink hue of the fragrance make it an object that looks chic in any space.



A lazy day around the house and–much like Dani–I still found myself reaching for the fragrance to elevate my loungewear. Perfect for making you feel a little more put together when it’s just you, a tub of ice cream and Netflix, it’s safe to say that the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose scent is now a firm fixture in my fragrance wardrobe and definitely a new go-to.


To shop Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose EDP, click here.


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