November 27, 2020

This Sophisticated Fragrance Is Your New Handbag Essential

Introducing Mine by Minenssey.

Our all-encompassing pursuit of the perfect signature scent might just be over; Mine by Minenssey is everything we were searching for (and more).

If only the World Wide Web had a ‘scratch and sniff’ function. While we wait for the technology to catch up, we’ll do our best to describe this beautifully orchestrated fragrance in words. This invigorating ensemble opens with a floral bouquet of linden blossom, jasmine sambac and rose before unfolding with the freshness of pink grapefruit, mandarin and neroli. Mine closes out the sensorial show with white lotus: a note that envelops the skin with its delicate and slightly sweet warmth.

This Minenssey fragrance was formulated with your mind, body and soul in mind. Mine Perfume Oil has been created using 100 per cent natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin; this scent is a botanical blend of essential oils that will gently soothe the soul and quieten a busy mind.

The best way to apply? Thought you’d never ask. As a roll-on perfume oil, Mine is best applied to pulse points (think: behind your ears, the bottom of your neck, the inside of your elbows and, if you’re game, behind your knees). Throughout the day, the perfume is activated by your body heat. Apply it the right way in the morning and Mine will become the gift that keeps giving (and giving and giving).

Regardless of your circumstances, 2020 has been a trying time. As we prepare to ring in 2021, a new signature scent signifies a new start. Our brains’ olfactory centre (where we process smell) is closely connected to our hippocampus (where memories are formed). This fragrance will trigger new memories and help to cement 2021 as a fresh start with moments to remember.

Discover Mine by Minenssey ($55) at


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