I’ve been in a devoted and long-term relationship with Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower. It’s been, oh, I don’t know maybe nine wonderful years together.

But, in recent times, things started to change. I started to change.

And on April 27th 2014, I became a cheater.

I found love with Byredo’s Flowerhead. Irresistible, evocative and overwhelming; I just couldn’t stay away. So, I strayed.

At first, it was Flowerhead’s big heart which drew me in: wild jasmine sambac, dewy tuberose and romantic rose petals.

But, I quickly learnt this fragrance isn’t to be taken for face value despite it’s bright, sharp fizz of Sicilian lemon, the sweet herbal spice of angelica seeds and the fruity bite of lingonberry.

Before too long, Flowerhead matures with a snapped-stem, green accord which is light and uplifting. Then, just as you think you’ve found love with the perfect parfum, BAM! It continues to surprise you with the rich substance of sensual suede and fresh amber.

Honestly, you can’t blame me. Like Carnal Flower, Byredo’s Flowerhead has an effect which is utterly hypnotising. At first, it’s floral but then it quickly morphs into something deeper; much richer.

This new eau de parfum offers a riot of dancing notes that meet, merge and then separate. It’s light but dark. Sweet yet sharp.

Don’t judge me yet — start your own relationship with Byredo Flowerhead Eau de Parfum here.

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