Layer Up: How To Layer Fragrance The Right Way

Consider this: winter layering sans the knitwear.

We’ll pause while you wrap your head around that notion. Whether you want to elevate an old favourite, spice up a lighter scent or breathe new life into your collection, fragrance layering is this winter’s answer to last spring’s perfume purchases.

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It’s human nature to constantly crave the next best thing – be it the next rung on the career ladder, the next milestone in your child’s life or your next big purchase. We aren’t known for our ability to stop and smell the roses, or, for that matter, the multitude of fragrances that sit upon our vanity. Often, said vanity is home to spades of unlocked potential – but we’re just too busy to notice. Cue: fragrance layering. Not only does layering your scents give you waaay more bang for your buck, it also creates something totally new and unique to you. A real signature scent; one that no one else can emulate.

According to Nick Smart, founder and CEO of Agence de Parfum and Libertine Parfumerie, layering gives old scents new depth. “Layering fragrances is great because you can interchange them throughout the day,” says Smart. “For example, the lighter, fresher scents may predominate the day and the more opulent scents may be better suited to night.”

Much like traditional winter layering with clothing, Smart recommends understanding the notes of the fragrances you have before you begin. This will give you a guide as to which are your base fragrances (read: your thermals and knitwear) and which fragrances should be layered on top (aka your coats and scarves). Fragrance notes are broken down into five main categories: fresh, floral, citrus, oriental and woody. Once you learn to sort your florals from your woods, you’re well on your way to nailing your next fragrance combination.


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The deeper, warmer fragrances that are often rooted in sandalwood, juniper or cedar.

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The smell of fresh-cut flowers. Most commonly, these notes are made up of lily, rose or jasmine.

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Aquatic, marine scents interspersed with hints of lemon and lime.

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Want more? Continue reading this interview in the Winter 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine.



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