December 22, 2021

Vanity Affairs: Mr Smith’s Freda Rossidis Gives Us Her Simple Styling Routine For Straight Hair

Warning: reading on may cause spending of excessive funds on really good beauty products.

Welcome to Vanity Affairs—a series where we document the beauty routines of notable people.

There are some people who have an I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it kind of glow—a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. You know the ones—their hair falls just right, their skin is dewy but never shiny, and they seem to exude confidence.

In the interest of public service, we’ve set about tracking down these actors, influencers, models, founders, entrepreneurs, musicians, spokespeople (and more!!) to find out their secrets. Have you got your pen and paper ready?

Previously, we’ve spoken to Phoebe BurgessJules Sebastian, Georgia Fowler, Jonathan Van Ness, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lara Fells, the stylish founder of Australian fashion label St. Agni.

Today, we’re going deep into the beauty routine of Freda Rossidis, the creative director of luxury haircare brand, Mr. Smith. Rossidis, a celebrity hairstylist, launched her haircare range with her son and co-founder, David Justin, aiming to create a range of efficacious products that harnessed the power of Australian botanicals and essential oils. Here, she shares every single product she uses to style her own hair, as well as the other products she loves to use on a daily basis.


I always start my day with a shower. Then I make a batch brew coffee to drink while I check my emails and plan the day ahead. I have found that as I’m ageing, my skin is drier and needs more nourishment, so I’ve incorporated Rosehip Oil into my morning routine. Then I follow with Creme de la Mer; it’s a little bit of luxury that I’ve used for many years but it’s incredible! I always finish with SPF, at the moment I’m using Mecca Cosmetica’s To Save Face 50+.

[In the evenings] as soon as I get home I have a shower and change into comfortable clothes. Wash my face with Acure Ultra Hydrating Green Juice Cleanser. I wear Weleda Skin Food overnight, it’s super rich and I love that it makes my skin feel plump and hydrated.”


“I wash my hair with Mr. Smith Balancing Shampoo and Blond—I use this as my conditioner. It nourishes while it removes warm or yellow tones from my bleached hair.”

For styling I keep it simple; I start with Mr. Smith The Foundation roots to ends, twist and let air dry. Then once dry I add Mr. Smith Leave In mid lengths to ends. This combination gives my hair a great texture whilst protecting it. If I want a little more body and texture I spray the Mr. Smith Dry Texture Spray, shake it out and I’m ready to go!”

Photographed by Amie Jones


“My go to is always a red lip. I find it’s an easy way to dress up, especially when I’m on the go and something last minute comes up. My favourite is the MAC Lady Danger matte lipstick. Other than that I always use the Nars Bronzer in Laguna, I like that it’s matte and it stays put all day.”


I love using the Undaria Algae body oil from Osea. I use it after my evening shower; I find that it’s such a great way to unwind and signal the end of the day.”


“I always wear Comme des Garçons Monocle Hinoki. I originally bought this for my son, but decided I wanted to keep it for myself. I usually gravitate towards unisex fragrances and products, this is also how I approach product development for Mr. Smith, focusing on versatile unisex products with scents that everyone will love.”


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