Here’s something your barista won’t tell you: a coffee scrub will wake you up as good as any ol’ latte (believe it), and leave you skin better for it, too.

We’re not telling you to get off the beans. OH. HELL. NO. Caffeine is our lifeblood, we would never. Rather, we’re encouraging you to take things to the next level by supplementing your morning brew with a dark, aromatic, natural coffee scrub in the evening. It’s deliciously good for your skin, and a stimulating experience all ’round. Why wouldn’t you?

Like thousands, we’re already fans of everything Frank Body, but like real life coffee there’s a lot of variety out there for every mood/need/occasion. Answer the Bieb’s call to action and go and ‘love yourself’ with one – or all – of these three new ones:

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For lips: FRANK BODY Exfoliating Lip Scrub

The biggest name in coffee scrubs now offers a lip scrub. Sayonara, icky-white lip stuff. The handbag essential is applied like a lip balm – all over lips; then press your lips together and rub. Your friend Friction and his buddy Buff will take care of the rest. Wipe off excess with a tissue and feel how pillow-soft and conditioned those lips are. BONUS: the scrub is sold as a duo with a Frank Body lip balm.

Buy here.

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For face: LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Exfoliating Mask

Both a face mask AND exfoliant, the new LUSH Cup O’ Coffee can be used 1-2 times a week to help deeply cleanse and purify skin. It’s got your real coffee arabica grains with the addition of agave syrup, sweet roasted cocoa extract, fair trade vanilla, coriander seed oil and kaolin (clay) – typical Lush goodness. It’s certified vegan and a real sticky mess that’s also surprising lightweight and extremely conditioning.

Buy here.

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For cellulite, stretch marks & scars: C-LAB & CO Coffee Scrub

If your target is skin imperfections, go big or go home. A large tub of C.Lab & Co.’s 330G, 100% Natural Coffee Scrub is where it’s at. It’s plastic screw top lid is user-friendly in the shower, and its pungent loose coffee powder formula is drenched in antioxidant-rich citrus and almond oils so you can skip the after-shower moisturiser.

Buy here.

Tell us, have you tried a coffee scrub yet?


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