You’ve probably met Frank – he’s all over Instagram covering half-naked babes in coffee scrub.

Yes, the cult Australian body scrub company implements a cheeky social media campaign encouraging people to “get naked, get dirty, get rough and get clean” (and share a “selfie” for Instagram in the process).

See, we told you – cheeky.

But it seems hundreds, no, thousands are answering the call. Currently, Frank Body has amassed over 628,000 followers on Instagram, and their Original Coffee Scrub has sold over a whopping one million units.

In fact, Start Up Daily reported that revenue for the brand this financial year will most likely exceed the $20 million mark – making it one of the fastest ecommerce starters in Australia. Not bad for a humble coffee scrub originally mixed together in a kitchen, huh?

Now, much to the delight of loyal customers, Frank is expanding into skincare with three new products: Frank Body Creamy CleanserCreamy Face Scrub and Everyday Face Moisturiser.

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The new collection promises to rejuvenate and hydrate delicate facial skin and, like its predecessors, it’s safe to use – helpful, even – on skin prone to acne, eczema and even psoriasis. The trio of new products also contain the brand’s signature coffee base, which is beneficial to the skin for several reasons.

Coffee is packed with antioxidants, which we know combats free radicals to prevent premature ageing. It also fights inflammation, calming irritated skin, and when left on, coffee has the effect of brightening the complexion. Fingers crossed for a Frank Body Facial Masque next, eh?

Still, our love of coffee knows no bounds, and nor does Frank Body it seems.


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Frank Body Creamy Cleanser

Don’t be alarmed by its silvery-grey colour – it may look dirty, but we’re told that’s only so “a babe’s face can look clean”. (OH Frank.) Containing green coffee bean extract, charcoal, and marshmallow root – this creamy cleanser foams up ever so slightly to de-clog pores, reduces redness and refresh skin.

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Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub

This olive-green scrub contains visible coffee grind, reminiscent of the original Frank Coffee Body Scrub.  The facial exfoliant is a gentle, but effective formula, featuring white clay to detoxify, while natural oils like grape seed, sweet almond, coconut and rosehip deliver nourishment.

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Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser

A light-weight formula targeted to those with sensitive skin and blemishes, with a good dose of soothing vitamin e, cocoa butter and shea butter to repair, while coconut, grape and almond oils hydrate without blocking pores.

So, the question now is: do you want a date with Frank?

Click here to become acquainted.



I keep seeing this show up on Instagram and Facebook a lot and recently the other half is started talking about scrubbing with coffee and at first didn't really know what she meant until she got me to try it with her one day which was a dirty but fun experience I have to say and definitely felt more awake after too. Got hers from frankscrub.com #frankscrub try it, your skin will love you for it.


Interesting, may have to check this out. I do love coffee... www.noovernightguests.wordpress.com

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