January 18, 2024

Can’t Get Your Hands On The New Rhode Pineapple Refresh Cleanser? Here Are 5 To Try Instead

rhode pineapple refresh cleanser

Hailey, girl, we’re going to need you to start shipping Rhode to Australia ASAP!

So, if you’re reading this we can safely assume you’ve seen the news. That’s right, Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand, Rhode, has just announced the launch of its new product—the Pineapple Refresh Cleanser

A refreshing balm-to-lather daily cleanser that has been formulated with polyglutamic acid to hydrate, plump the skin and boost elasticity, green tea extract to calm, soothe and protect against environmental aggressors and pineapple enzyme to gently exfoliate for smoother-looking skin, the formula will have your complexion clean, soft and bouncy in no time. We should also mention it does all of this without stripping or drying the skin (Bieber is renowned for her glazed donut skin, so we’d expect nothing less) and helps to lock in moisture to prepare the skin for anything you put on once it’s been rinsed off. 

Is this news some of the most exciting to come out of 2024 so far? Yes! Is the product accessible? For those of us in Australia, unfortunately no. Sigh. But don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging. Here, we roundup five cleansing alternatives to Rhode’s new baby that are just as good (and you can actually get your hands on them).

Verso Facial Cleanser

The perfect everyday cleanser to use morning and night, this Verso Facial Cleanser is ticking (almost) all of the same boxes as Rhode’s new baby. A soothing and purifying face wash that has been formulated with shea butter (to support the protective lipids in the skin) and manga and papaya enzymes (to gently exfoliate and increase glow and radiance), this cleanser will effortlessly remove impurities without compromising the skin’s moisture barrier.

SHOP NOW: $64 from Mecca

Habitual Beauty Balancing Cleanser

For when your skin is being a little temperamental, the Habitual Beauty Balancing Cleanser is a great alternative to the unattainable Rhode formulation. Working to protect and support the skin barrier function while removing excess oil, makeup and surface impurities, this formula contains papaya fruit enzymes to improve skin texture by reducing the appearance of blemishes. It also has aloe vera to soothe and calm and Australian wild limes to improve the overall tone of your complexion.

SHOP NOW: $70 from Adore Beauty

Eve Lom Foaming Cream Cleanser

A hydrating, enzyme-infused foaming cleanser, Eve Lom’s Foaming Cream Cleanser can do no wrong in our books. Formulated with pumpkin ferment extract to soften and smooth the skin, babassu oil to support the skin’s barrier function and glycerin to draw moisture to the complexion, this overachiever is a cult-favourite for good reason.

SHOP NOW: $88 from Mecca

Trinny London Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser

Perfect if you’re looking for a new balm formula to fill in the top spot of ‘first cleanse’ in your double cleansing routine, Trinny London’s Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser is truly transformative. Working to gently breakdown the most stubborn of makeup and grime to reveal your most radiant and resilient complexion, this formula will keep your microbiome happy for healthier-looking skin.

SHOP NOW: $60 from Trinny London

AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Cleansing Foam

If you haven’t worked it out by now, enzymes are where it’s at for cleansers—and AMOREPACIFIC has been ahead of the curve for a long time. The brand’s Treatment Enzyme Cleansing Foam is a soothing and hydrating foam cleanser that gently removes impurities, leaving the skin feeling supple and looking radiant. Containing hyaluronic acid to hydrate and green tea probiotic-derived enzyme to remove environmental pollutants and other impurities, this is a real heavy-hitter.

SHOP NOW: $83 from Mecca


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