‘I Tried Go-To Skincare’s New Cleansing Oil For A Month And All I Got Was Healthy, Bump-Free Skin’

If you have two feet, a heartbeat and a mild-to-moderate interest in beauty, you’re probably pretty familiar with Zoë Foster Blake.

Blake – author, one-time Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine and former Gritty Pretty cover girl – pivoted from writing about beauty products to making beauty products in 2013 when she launched Go-To Skincare. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m a pretty big Go-To fan.

If someone asks me to recommend a cleanser they should use (as a beauty director, this happens quite a lot), I usually tell them to pick up a bottle of Go-To Properly Clean. For me, I know that no matter their skin type or skin gripes, this gentle foaming cleanser will leave their face feeling soft, clean and… nice. Same goes for Go-To Face Hero: it’s the best face oil going ’round – especially if your skin is angry, irritated or going through a moody emo phase.

So when given the opportunity to trial Go-To Skincare’s new cleansing oil, I jumped at the chance! And then I ran home to try it.

go to face oil fancy face

Meet Fancy Face

I’ll stop waffling now and get to the point. Introducing Go-To Skincare’s newest launch: Fancy Face. This is the brand’s second foray into the world of cleansers.

Packed with sunflower, sweet almond and camellia oils, this nourishing cleanser was made for taking off heavy makeup, oil, sunscreen and any gross pollution-related grime. She’s a real heavy lifter.

According to the brand, Fancy Face smells like an ‘overpriced day spa’ and, look, they’re not lying. The oil itself is clear and slightly thicker than Face Hero, Go-To’s other oil-based product – this is because Face Hero is absorbed by skin, whereas Fancy Face lifts dirt and grime, and is then washed off.

How to use a cleansing oil

If you are a person currently in possession of a face, you could really benefit from using Fancy Face. As a cleansing oil, the application process is a little different to your average gel or foam wash. It should be applied to dry skin. The bottle says to use 2-3 pumps but I prefer 4-5 to make sure my face is adequately covered in that sweet, sweet oil. Then, in gentle circular motions, rub-a-dub-dub for 30 seconds to dissolve all makeup and residual skincare. The product comes with a muslin cloth – run it under warm water before using it to wipe your face completely clean.

After going through the motions for the first time, my skin felt pretty-bloody-good. (Technical term.) While some people like that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, this is something I avoid. Fancy Face leaves skin feeling silky soft, not dry and tight.

Ideally, you want to use a cleansing oil as part of a two-step double cleanse routine. This is because Fancy Face (and any oil cleanser, to be honest) leaves just a touch of residue behind. So next, I grab my regular face wash (Apot.Care Anti-Pollution Jelly Cleanser) to do a second cleanse before drying with a regular towel. Voila!

Should you be double cleansing?


Have you seen the pollution in the air lately – particularly after the bushfire season we are currently experiencing? (For a run down on the beauty brands supporting victims of the bush fire crisis see here – every bit counts.) This smog can settle on your face and in your pores, creating a myriad of skin problems, including – but not limited to – blackheads, whiteheads and acne. More than that, oils and makeup can grab onto skin and not want to let go – meaning, sometimes one cleanse isn’t enough.

A double cleanse dissolves the thickest of makeup and grime while simultaneously hydrating skin. Win, win!

So is Fancy Face any good?

Hoo boy. I am a fan! By the time January hit, summer had really done a number on my skin. I’d been applying and reapplying sunscreen over the break and as a result, my skin was dotted with blackheads (across the nose) and little bumps (on my right cheek). I also had a few cute pimples brewing on my chin. Nothing that would stop traffic but still – I would prefer not to have said blackheads, bumps and breakouts.

After a week of double cleansing using Fancy Face most nights, my skin was looking pretty good. After two weeks, she was glowing. (Am I allowed to say that about myself? Too late now.) I didn’t bother with a double cleanse in the morning – before bed is more than enough. As I write this, I have two moderate sized pimples brewing on my chin (because no face wash is going to stop hormonal breakouts) but overall, my skin is happy, healthy, bump-free and hydrated.

Consider me converted!

A bottle of Fancy Face will set you back $45 and probably/definitely change your life  – you can purchase here.

Have you tried Fancy Face? Or do you have another cleanser you swear by? Tell us in the comments below!


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