Stuck on a gift idea to get the beauty fiend who owns every Urban Decay Nude Palette under the sun and too many M.A.C Bullets to count? Try one of these Gritty Pretty-approved books instead.

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Makeup Masterclass

By: Rae Morris

REVIEW: This is makeup artist Rae Morris’ sixth book and it’s a culmination of everything she’s learnt to date. Our favourite section is one titled ‘Quick Fixes’ that’s jam-packed with hacks like these, that’ll make you feel properly qualified to experiment with makeup.

The book also brings together an impressive roll call of creative collaborations – from Victoria’s Secret models Shanina Shaik (who takes the cover) to Georgia Fowler, and beauty influencers Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis. But what gives the book its gravitas is the breadth and depth of Morris’ knowledge, and her rare ability to translate so much of what she knows in a way that’s approachable, practical and well, interesting.

…And finally, it’s not a true Rae Morris beauty book without over 40 step-by-step makeup tutorials for you to replicate, or at least, inspire you on transformative power of makeup.

Buy it here.

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Amazinger Face 

By: Zoë Foster Blake

REVIEW: If you’re one of the 1000s of people who own a copy of the OG Amazing Face, Amazinger Face is the software update you must get around to installing.

If you have neither Amazing Face nor Amazinger Face, you’ve been holding out on yourself! This non-fiction thriller is a real page turner with plot twists aplenty. For example, did you know there’s a correct way to apply sunscreen? Or that your skin might not be dry like you always thought, but rather dehydrated? Like we said, plot twists.

If you’re not already a member of cult Zoë Foster Blake, FYI she’s the former beauty director of Australian Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar/founder of Go-To skincare/beauty expert of the people. And with more than a decade of beauty experience under her Gucci belt, she tackles beauty with so many metaphors you won’t even feel like you’re reading a beauty book. Her updated tome includes brand new recommendations on the best concealers, mascaras, and sunscreens to help you navigate your department store beauty counters with informed ease.

Buy it here.

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Pretty Iconic 

By: Sali Hughes

REVIEW: For most people this won’t be a cover-to-cover read, but that’s the way I’ve chosen to read it and as a professional beauty nut, I’m engaged to keep doing so. The premise of the book is quite unique in that it examines the iconic status of the world’s most cult-loved beauty products (i.e your CHANEL No.5, SK-II Treatment Essence, NARS Orgasm) and trace their personal history with the author, The Guardian UK’s resident beauty editor, Sali Hughes.

For any makeup or skincare novice, this book doesn’t review products so much as tell you which ones have been historically the best-selling or revered by the masses. For a millennial, it’s an education on beauty legends that older colleagues or parents rave about. Even pharmacy basics like Klorane Dry Shampoo and St Tropez Tanning Mousse get a mention.

Pretty Iconic is a fascinating, FOMO-inducing read that’ll make you want to incorporate more timeless beauty classics into your everyday routine now that you know the story behind them.

Buy it here.

Do you own any beauty books?


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I definitely need to pick up these beauty books. Great post!

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