February 26, 2024

Margot Robbie Exclusively Shares CHANEL’s Brand New Lipstick

margot robbie

*Immediately adds to cart*

Attention! Attention! CHANEL has just announced the launch of its brand new lipstick: Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche. Yep, there is yet another showstopping CHANEL lip product to add to your wishlist—but this time it has your nights spent dancing on bar tables and sipping martinis with your best friends in mind.

Inspired by nightfall, this new lipstick formula encapsulates that magical time when your favourite city lights up and comes to life with the sounds of laughter, heels clicking on the cobblestones and people walking hand-in-hand after a romantic candlelit dinner. In short, it is the evening lipstick to keep you looking glamorous and kissable no matter where the night takes you.

And fronting the new campaign is none other than Australian actor and producer, Margot Robbie. Best known for her roles in The Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street and, most recently, Barbie, Robbie is the perfect face to grace the campaign after spending countless nights walking red carpets and collecting her plethora of impressive accolades.

Available in eight unique hues, the new Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche lipsticks offer up to eight hours of wear so that prolonging your lip colour is one less thing to think about while you enjoy your local wine bar’s best pinot noir. Whether you opt to explore the red-orange colour family with the shades A Sienna Red, A Brick Orange, An Orange Red or A Vibrant Fuschia or decide to opt for a more muted tone with A Warm Brown, A Purple, A Burnished Rosewood or A Fresh Pink, you are bound to find a shade that speaks to your look, occasion or mood with ease. Our advice? Skip the difficulty of choosing one and grab all eight!

Plus, the formulas also come enclosed in a new white case which could be an accessory to your sultry evening look in and of itself. What else do you even carry in your late night clutch other than your favourite lip product anyway?


The new CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche lipsticks are available to purchase on February 29th 2024 at Chanel.com.au


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