That’s a wrap! Forty-five shows, 6 days, approx. 22 cups of coffee, and countless Snapchats later… and we’re still buzzing from #MBFWA.

The inaugural Resort 2017 shows were bookended with grandeur from Toni Maticevski to Oscar de la Renta. There was also a lot to be excited in terms of beauty. We saw the nostalgic reinvention of several 90s trends including lip liner, glitter, grungy eye makeup, ponytails and hair accessories.

Here’s Gritty Pretty’s round up of our top 10 beauty looks from the week that was…

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Image credit: Goldwell

Makeup: Nigel Stanislaus for Maybelline New York
It was all about the eyes at Misha Collection – sultry, petrol eyes with a flash of silver down the centre of the lid was inspired by “neo-grunge glamour,” explains Stanislaus. “We wanted to create a contrast between perfect skin and a grungy eye.” We saw less exaggerated speak lashes, but clumped-together nonetheless. Oh, and do we even have to say it? Bella Hadid. Forever.

Hair: Dale Delaporte for Goldwell
Hair was centre-parted and tied back into a low ponytail, then wrapped tightly in black velvet ribbon to reflect the laced and corseted creations seen on the runway. We now know what hair look we’ll be wearing next Saturday night.

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Image credit: Sonny Vandevelde for M.A.C

Makeup: Kellie Stratton for M.A.C
Skin: St Tropez
Vibing hot, sultry Indian summers, Stratton focused her attention on the eyes: “We used lots of Kajals, but really pressed it onto the lash line,” she told Gritty Pretty, “no mascara was used to keep the eye line really youthful and fresh so it doesn’t move into grungy. I’ve also used a tiny bit of gold glitter in the centre of the eye.” St Tropez was also on hand using new-tech luxe dry oil to add an instant warmth to skin.

Hair: Alan White for Redken
Pulled back into a pony, White roughed-up ends of strands to mimic the affect of humidity-affected hair. Some models also wore delicate gold-chain headpieces, tying all the elements of the look together. You heard it here: lived in hair is in.

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Image credit: Esteban La Tessa for Goldewell

Makeup: Lara Srokowski for Lancôme
Nails: Karon McKendrick Taylor for FABY Nail Lacquer
There was a strong skincare focus with a hydrated and dewy complexion achieved using Lancôme’s award-winning cushion foundation in three shades for coverage, contouring and highlighting. Nails, also inspired by the 90s, were painted with a matte silver (FABY Nail Colour in My First Ring with a matte top coat and just one line of white down one nail – a reflection of Avakian’s collection.

Hair: Marie Cain for Goldwell
Two understated looks were created for the show including an undone knotted ponytail at the nape of the neck, struck by a fine silver hair pin. Other models sported an undone, dropped plait fastened with silver-ringed hair buckles (pictured) designed by talented jeweller Natalie Marie.

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Image credit: Sonny Vandevelde for M.A.C

Makeup: Victoria Baron for M.A.C
Inspired by the metallics in the desert-inspired collection, there was a wash of either platinum silver or nude pigment swiped across models’ lids. Brows were brushed up and skin was left quite raw, reacting to the natural humidity of a Bikram yoga studio setting. Hot, indeed.

Hair: Jenny Kim for KMS California
Knotted ponytails are a trend and none more so than at Christopher Esber. This time, though, styled by Kim they were more distinctly textured and with a bit of lived-in greasiness. “I was channelling the grit and strength of a Jedi,” says KMS hair director, Kim. 100% Rey from Star Wars.

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Image credit: EVO

Makeup: Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C
Lip liner played a major role at KITX with overdrawn two-tone lips the highlight of the beauty look. In one look, Jefferyes used a vibrant red lip pencil to overdraw lips, then used a darker-hued plum liner to trace over the actual lip line and colour the top lip. The look was then finished off with a vibrant red gloss-to-matte lip colour on the bottom lip for added contrast.

Hair: Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine
Two completely different looks were also designed for hair – the first, gel-sleeked back hair that was flat-ironed several times, and the second – our favourite – featured voluminous, retro twice-curled locks.

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Image credit: Maybelline

Makeup: Nigel Stanislaus for Maybelline New York
Skin: Clarisonic
Skin was prepped with Clarisonic devices before foundation was applied (only where needed) for a “velvet finish”. This base made for the perfect canvas for unapologetically bold, clumpy and over the top spider lashes – another key trend from MBFWA. “To recreate this look, apply mascara vertically rather than horizontally,” advises Stanislaus. FYI – Gigi Hadid’s favourite mascara – Maybelline New York Falsies Push Up Drama – available June 1. Keep your peepers open for that one.

Hair: Renyx Xydis for Wella Professionals
Hair looks were customised to the models and involved a lot of gel. Sleeked back or rolled up along the hair line to create a bit of a faux-hawk situation, Xydis was keen creating texture – “hard, soft, shiny” – and layering several products over each other to reflect the layered quality of Maticevski’s designs.

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Makeup: Carol Mackie for M.A.C

Hair: Richard Kavanagh for Redken
“British inspired, this girl is tough,” Kavanagh said backstage. Inspired by suede heads – those girls who were mods but their hair transitioned into that tougher suede-head shape in the early 70s – Kavanagh wanted the hair to be lived in and not plastered down. The key? Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist and Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray.

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Image credit: Laura Mercier

Makeup: Ania Milczarczyk for Laura Mercier
Drawn-on freckles and a serious glow was spotted on the models at We Are Kindred. Queen of makeup, Ania Milczarcyk, worked her signature glow playing up natural features, with a soft daytime smoky eye and peach cheeks.

Hair: Travis Balcke for VS Sassoon
A braid, but not as you know it. Balcke (who also happens to be Lara Worthington’s hair stylist) revealed this look is all about the detail. “Keeping soft femininity at the front and then strength and discipline at the back with a figure eight braid.” Balcke styling product of choice for this look? VS Sassoon Diamond Wand, which was used to create that ‘It girl’ wave.

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Image credit: Sonny Vandevelde for M.A.C

Makeup: Carol Mackie for M.A.C
At Tome, we saw Swarovski crystal-embellished eyes in a look Mackie describes as a “modern take on Nina Simone” (whose music played during the show). “The crystals are evenly spaced along the brow,” she explains and skin has been left quite bare and satin as a backdrop for the crystals.

Hair: Jon Pulitano for Redken
Models had hair up under black satin turbans, primed with wax to give it some body and hold. Textured, lived-in strands at the back made the whole look feel modern and chic.

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Image credit:

Makeup: Carol Mackie for M.A.C
Mackie pulled off optical illusions with her take of the classic winged eye. When eyes were open, it looked like a solid black line striding the lash line but when eyes were closed, you saw the true artwork – a graphic flick with a geometric angled cut-out (pictured). Seriously cool.

Hair: Jon Pulitano for Redken
The French bun or ‘chignon’ reined supreme. Sophisticated and chic, just like the international designer’s collection, the classic look was modernised with texture around the hair line.

Tell us, what is your favourite look from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia?

Which look are you keen to recreate at home?


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