If BB, CC and even DD creams are the foundation-meets-moisturiser-meets-SPF lovechild of the cosmetics and skin care world, then their latest incarnation — freed from the tube and housed in snap-lock, mirrored compacts — is the result of said lovechild growing up, getting a job, and joining the real (and super busy) world.

We’ve told you about the rising trend of cushion foundations in the past and now we’re chiming on about their endless benefits yet again. But, with good reason.

A history class refresher: Cushion compacts pushed onto the scene about six years ago, and have since been a huge hit on the foundation market and spawned parallel products — especially in South Korea (the epicentre of where many beauty trends are born).

Lancôme Miracle Cushion, which is an award-winning cushion compact (hello gold at the 2016 Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté International Awards), wields a sponge saturated with medium coverage liquid foundation that releases very controlled quantities. When you apply the hydrating formula with the included antibacterial puff (smartly housed in a separate inner compartment, so it doesn’t contaminate or dry out the foundation sealed below), the results are more luminous than cakey.

Contains SPF 23 and available in 10 shades which are practically impossible to spill, the coverage itself is sheer and consistent — freckles show through, pimples and redness do not. You can build this foundation, too, but Gritty Pretty’s editor & publisher Eleanor Pendleton [pictured in the video below] stopped at one layer because the coverage was so complete. Instead, subtle touch-ups under the eyes and on the go throughout the day were favoured.

Quick. Fresh. Portable. Now, that’s speaking our language.

Have you tried a cushion foundation yet? Which one do you recommend?

Lancôme Miracle Cushion, starting from $60; available here.

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