July 22, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Fillers

Achieving the perfect lips (for you) has never been easier. All you need is the right information to get started.

Lips may not be the windows to the soul but they can tell us a lot about a person. A pursed lip and you know they’re annoyed. A pouted lip and before you know it they’re leaning in for a kiss. Lips are both telling and mysterious–the ultimate dichotomy. And in 2022, lips are all about conveying this sensuality and warmth while still looking totally natural. A more balanced lip is also in Vogue. Rather than a much larger lower lip, it is now all about more symmetry between the upper and lower.

Lips should also balance out the rest of the face. According to a British University study conducted in 2010 and then repeated in 2018, men spend more time looking at a woman’s lips than any other part of her face. Go figure! So, never underestimate the importance of the perfect pout (for you). 

Image: @lesfillesenrouge on Instagram

The Initial Consult Is Vital

As Dr. Steven Liew, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Darlinghurst NSW, is very aware of the importance of lips, he takes a multi-pronged approach to delivering that perfect result. Firstly, he assesses the patient’s lips when they are both smiling and relaxed to give a clear indication of shape and natural movement. He does not believe in self-service care. Of course, patients can ring asking for fillers for their lips but he does not fill right away. Dr. Liew also suggests that patients don’t  bring in photos of their favourite celebrities’s lips as their aesthetic lip needs are rarely the same.

You Need To Take Dermal Fillers Seriously

As the skin of our lips is super fine, long-term and excessive use of dermal fillers can cause permanent stretching. It is not like filling your tire with air. Once the lip skin has stretched it is very hard for it to return to normal. The skin is made up of only three to five skin cell layers while the rest of the face has up to sixteen. This is also why you should wear sunscreen or layer lipstick containing SPF if in the sun for long periods, as the thinner skin is more prone to sun damage.

It May Be Your Teeth

According to Dr. Liew, sometimes the patient really has a dental problem which is causing their lips to look less than perfect. If that is the case then he sends them off to the dental specialist first. He will then see them following any dental work.

Where Do Dissolving Threads Come In? 

Sometimes, it’s less about adding volume and more a case of the patient needing more curve or definition of the cupid’s bow area to give them their perfect result. If definition is the main concern, then having dissolving threads inserted in the area is ideal. If the corners of the lips are facing downwards or lopsided (or for finer enhancement of the upper lip), Dr. Liew may also inject a botulinum toxin. 

Which Dermal Fillers Work Best And Are They Safe?

With most pharmaceutical companies involved in cosmetic injectables now bringing out fillers just for lips, Dr. Liew has more choice than ever when it comes to which filler to use for the most natural result.  The most commonly used fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin, making it easy for most to tolerate and much thinner in consistency than those used for other areas of the face.

How Long Do Fillers Last?

Lip fillers can last from six to twelve months. Please consult your personal cosmetic injector for a more specific timeline. 

How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

The price of lip fillers will vary depending on what treatments you’re after. The main thing to look out for is being pre-quoted for a price as this will mean the treatment is the same for everyone and not tailored to you.


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