Mental Break: How To Create A Holiday At Home

International travel is off the cards. Local getaways are booking up fast.

While Coronavirus may have brought our holiday plans to a grinding halt, that doesn’t mean our desire to de-stress and recharge is any less pressing. If you’re due for a break, bring the resort to you this weekend by creating a holiday at home.

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In the lead-up to your holiday, instead of packing a bag, you’re tasked with decluttering your home instead. This will help set the scene for a weekend of calm. Interior stylist and former The Block contestant Carlene Duffy suggests assessing your decor and asking, ‘Do I love this in its own right?’. “If you love something independent of the other things in your home then you’ll always find a spot for it,” Duffy says. “Typically, it’s mass-produced items from big-box retailers that we discard the fastest.” In the long-term, “Buy less but buy better. Seek out one-offs from op shops, flea markets or a local artisan.”

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Turn your home into a ‘hygge’ retreat. This Danish term – pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ – means to foster a sense of comfort and cosiness, leading to feelings of contentment. Duffy suggests upsizing your rugs, adding more lamps “to create mood and ambience”, adding throws to your sofa, cutting flowers from the garden and displaying your books.

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Our sense of smell and memory are closely intertwined. Is there a scent that reminds you of a treasured day in years gone past? Or a fragrance that transports you to a beach in the Mediterranean? Burn a scented candle or spritz your pillows to revive old memories.

Want more? Continue reading about how we create a holiday at home in the Winter 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine.



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