How To Create A Calm And Productive Work Space At Home

Tidy desk, tidy mind. 

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The majority of Australia’s workforce is now working from home. Initially, this was a novelty. (More time to snooze! At home workouts! And so, so many snacks.) However, what was once a short-term arrangement is now edging into long-term territory. 

We’re all creatures of habit. For those who are not used to working from home (yes, hello, me) it can feel a bit… weird? Especially since there is no definitive end point to the COVID-19 restrictions.

For the sake of our sanity, let’s just say that things are going to be this way for a while – so we may as well rearrange our living quarters, create a semi-permanent desk space and call in the experts for advice on how to set up our new home office. 

One said WFH expert is Beck Wadworth, founder and director of An Organised Life. Wadworth has been plotting world domination operating her business from home for quite some time and has learned a few lessons along the way. 


“The first step is simple – identify a spot to set up a dedicated workspace and make sure the home work space has all the absolute essentials to be a functional and productive space.

 For example: 

  • Wifi 
  • Core products – i.e. laptop, keyboard, headphones
  • Power points 
  • A good chair 
  • Privacy. Once you have your space sorted, set some ground rules with others who are living under the same roof to ensure you are productive and not disturbed or distracted.
  • Ideally natural light – this is great for your mood having that sunshine and light flowing through

You don’t have to have a full room dedicated to your workspace; however, if you do set up in a common area of your home make sure you pack away everything at the end of each day. Otherwise, you will constantly feel like ‘work’ is right there and you’re surrounded by it 24/7. It’s good to separate personal and professional home life.” 

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“Next, add a personal touch to the space. You want it to be an inspiring workspace and somewhere you feel motivated as well as an organised one. I would suggest adding artwork or flowers, greenery, candles, ceramics, workspace accessories like pen holders, a water carafe (inspiring and functional!), your favourite magazines or inspirational books. Choose what makes you feel inspired. Take it one step further and create a feel-good playlist that you can listen to while you work.” 


“Get creative with storage – give everything a place and make sure it’s easily accessible. Depending where you set up your workspace, you might have physical storage available or you might have to get a bit creative and utilise nearby cupboards, shelves, or some simple desk storage. Less is more but as long as everything has a place, that’s the most important thing. You could utilise an old candle jar for your pens or a beautiful box for your loose paper items. Organised stacked piles can also look great too (as long as you don’t hoard things and let it grow out of control!).”


“Make sure you have some functional stationery at your workplace that will help you stay productive. Our tip is utilising a diary, notepad or notebooks to write out your workload and then prioritise it using a symbol or number system. From there, break your day into time blocks and ensure you allocate time for breaks.”

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