When Australian model Robyn Lawley isn’t modelling swimwear or walking the runway, she is scouring menus around the globe and cooking up a storm for her best friends in her adopted home: New York City. Here, the the 25-year-old expectant mother talks food, fitness and her new ambassadorship with hair care brand, Pantene.

GP: You’ve graced the cover of many magazines from French ELLE and Cosmopolitan to marie claire quite recently. What do you put down as the reason for your success?

RL: “I really think it’s fellow women writing in and telling them that they love seeing someone above a size 14 in a magazine. Cosmo [magazine] has told me before they get such positive feedback from girls being able to relate to my body type so that’s lovely to hear. You have become a true role model for Australian women, showing the fashion industry that the current thin model standard is not the only, or best, option.”

GP: What indications have you seen, if any, that the fashion industry might be moving towards a healthier look in models?

RL: “I have seen positive change in the past few years within my own career. I model for a few regular brands now not just ‘plus’ size brands which was how it was when I started.”

GP: On that note, how does it feel to be considered a role model and admired by so many real Aussie women?

RL: “I don’t really consider myself anything, I just hope I’m a decent person who’s trying to make positive changes in the world. I want women to feel good about themselves, I want people to overcome body insecurities. The fashion industry can be crazy at times.”

GP: How do you keep such a level heard and where do you think your inner strength come from?

RL: “I know who I am and where I came from. I have also travelled so much that I understand most of the world is in poverty, and needs help. We can get so obsessed with our looks and ‘fashion’ in the western world when others are struggling just to eat.”

GP: How do you stay in healthy and keep in shape?

RL: “Thank you for the compliment. I try to eat my veggies when I can, which can be hard because I’m constantly travelling and same with exercise.”

GP: Let’s talk about beauty. Say you’ve got a big-deal swimsuit shoot coming up… How do you prepare your hair, skin and body?

RL: “I usually start tanning a few days before with mousse and a mitt, so the colour is perfect on the day. With my hair, I will do a treatment the night before.”

GP: What are your beauty must-haves?

RL: Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, Fragonard Diamant EDT, and Pantene 7 Day Smooth and Manageable Kit.”

GP: You’ve just been announced as the new ambassador for Pantene. How did the partnership come about?

RL: “I was approached to start trialling their new hair care line (Daily Moisture Renewal) which I fell in love with. I had been using Pantene’s other products on and off since I was 17 so I thought it was a good match.”

GP: Word is you’re a mean cook. What is it exactly that you love about cooking? And, can you tell us about your upcoming cookbook, Robyn Lawley Eats?

RL: “I just love to cook, I always have. Once you get good at cooking, it’s hard sometimes to eat places that just don’t do it the same. My cookbook is based in 3 different countries and recipes I’ve learnt while living there and I styled and photographed the book as well so it looks how you would make it.”

GP: Tell us, what inspires you?

RL: “There is so much that inspires me so it’s hard to pinpoint a few but I do get really inspired by people who follow their dreams. It takes guts and hard work to achieve what you really want in life and seeing people actually do it is amazing.”

GP: Lastly, when you do you feel at your most beautiful?

RL: “I do feel really beautiful when I’m on set but usually it’s because I’ve been in hair and makeup for hours [laughs]. My partner makes me feel special even when I’m completely undone – I definitely don’t need makeup on around him.”

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