Spring is one of those seasons you smell before you see.

…Which is terrible news for allergy sufferers, but that was never going to stop us from inhaling the best spring has to offer.

The best way to do that? Why, candles of course.

Even if you’re immune to allergies, now is the best time to be setting all the wicks in your home alight. Quintessentially floral, the perfume of spring is undeniably feminine: rich, delicate, refined, powerful, crisp – complex. Keep scrolling for our top five picks.

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Gascoigne & King Modern Love

Co-founder of Gascoigne & King luxury candles, Bronwyn Gascoigne, tells us her pick for spring is Modern Love. A candle with a “modern rose-based floral, with some interesting bottom wood notes of amber and wood, and patchouli and musk added for complexity.” Please take note, The Bachelor: this is how we like our roses.

Rodin Olio Lusso Scented Candle

Every time we use Rodin Olio Lusso, we turn into a sophisticated, well-behaved 35-year-old European woman who has her shit together. This has everything to do with its recognisable perfume – a luxurious and soothing alchemy of jasmine and neroli. Its pillar structure, with no casing like the candles of old used at religious ceremonies, makes burning this one feel a little sacred.

Bullshit by IIUVO

 IIUVO’s popular Bullshit candle ironically call outs the pretentious B.S. that goes into candle naming, so the UK lads behind the emerging label named it literally that, Bullshit. The acerbic ideas spouted by this candle are matched by an equally crisp scent. Poured in the south of France, it has top knots of Sichuan pepper, grapefruit and tangerine; heart notes are lavender and lily of the valley; and a robust wood-musk base. These boys had us at hello.

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