The Secrets To Achieving Classic Bridal Beauty Looks

When I was getting married and deciding on my bridal beauty look…

…my makeup artist gave me some sound advice—the idea was to look like an elevated version of myself on my wedding day. Still me, my style, but just a little something extra.

It’s a piece of advice that I’ve held close to me, particularly when I have spoken to friends that are engaged and are asking the same questions I did. Which is why we worked on this heavenly bridal editorial with the team from The Future Mrs (a one-stop shop for every bit of beauty prep you need for your wedding, and any special occasion, really) so you’ll see that the common denominator is skin that still looks like skin, effortless hair and, most importantly, that these looks are a classic, yet still modern interpretation of beauty trends that will stand the test of time.

Remember, just like an elevated version of you.

Here, makeup artist Katie Angus and hairstylist Frankie Flanagan from The Future Mrs share their expert advice on how to achieve them.

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To ensure that you can wear this sophisticated bridal beauty look with confidence, it’s important to picture the look as a whole—sporting your bold lip colour, sleek bun, and your dress, advises hairstylist Frankie Flanagan. “Sometimes when we do a trial with a beauty look like this, the bride can’t picture everything together. I always recommend having the trial on the same day as a dress fitting.” With this style you don’t want the hair to be too clean and slippery—wash and condition the night prior to your big day so it has a little texture and grit.

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Makeup artist Katie Angus finds that this makeup generally appeals to those already comfortable with wearing a red lip. You can visit a professional makeup store to find a shade to suit your complexion, but Angus swears by Fenty Stunna Lip Paint. “It’s marketed as a universal red to work with all skin tones, and I have yet to find someone I don’t love using it on! It’s extremely long-wearing and flexible, too, with a wet to dry formula,” she says.

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“Nothing allows your natural beauty to shine through like clean, glowing skin and beautiful brows,” says Angus. “It means everything else can speak on the day—there’s great beauty in simplicity!” Flanagan agrees; “I love that it allows a bride to feel like themselves, which is the whole premise behind The Future Mrs; to maintain a modern, fashionable sense of self.”

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Breaking it down further, this look will ultimately focus on beautiful skin, which will only ever be as good as its condition prior to application, explains Angus. “I would strongly recommend as much skin prep as your budget allows prior to your wedding date by way of regular treatments plus exfoliating and applying a hydrating treatment the night before.” The same rules apply for hair, meaning prep work is key: “I wash and prep their night the day before,” says Flanagan. This will help the hairstyle to last, whilst still maintaining shine and bounce. “Always wash your hair twice and condition through the ends—it’s important for the hair to be moisturised, and if you do it correctly and use the right products, they won’t weigh it down.”

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“The warm golden tones and reflective skin are a beautiful, flattering combination for most brides,” says Angus. “This look is also very easy to maintain should you wish to consider longevity on your wedding day. Depending on the condition of the skin, I will work between a micro-peel exfoliation and Dermalogica’s Skin Resurfacing Cleanser before applying a hydrating face mask and collagen under-eye mask. This skin requires a radiant end result, so I would also add an illuminating primer such as Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow all over the face.”

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For hair, it’s important to keep up regular salon visits for trims and hair treatments, adds Flanagan. “I cut layers in brides’ hair called ‘the wedding layer’, where I section out the whole perimeter of the hairline and cut really soft layers in it. It sounds crazy, but it allows you to have those really soft, effortless pieces around the face. They grow out pretty quickly!”

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Remember to take photo references to your bridal beauty team—they are always great to discuss the specifics of your look, as verbal descriptions can get lost in translation, adds Angus.

If you’re a bride getting ready for your wedding, what bridal beauty look are you going for? 


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