Have you always been told to avoid face oils?

For some, the “oil-free” mantra has been so ingrained that most pass up the opportunity to try one. Well, we – and the new feather-light Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil – are here to stop that.

Used daily (yes, gasp! Daily!), the face oil restores depleted lipids and delivers a healthy, luminous glow (without leaving your skin feeling covered in an icky film).

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Lipids – the natural protective oils that help preserve the skin’s protective barrier and maintain a youthful appearance – diminish with age, leading to dehydration, sensitisation, and wrinkles.

Aggressors such as UV, pollution, diet, stress, and even over-exfoliating can lead to lipid depletion over time, further contributing to a dull, lacklustre appearance.

To combat this, the clever scientists at Dermalogica came up with a blend of seven key ingredients. We picked our favourite three:

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Fun fact: camellias were Coco Chanel’s favourite flower. And, with their powerful and super nourishing skin properties, it’s easy to see why. Derived from a small tree native to Korea and Japan, this antioxidant oil strengthens the skin barrier and provides wrinkle-reducing benefits such as stimulating collagen.

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Not just good in your breakfast bowl; chia seed oil provides antioxidant protection and a concentrated delivery of fatty acids that hydrate while soothing dry, itchy skin.

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A favourite flower for many, the orchid flower provides natural properties to repair, protect, and lock in your skin’s moisture.


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This super lightweight face oil can be applied multiple ways:

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Post sponsored by: Dermalogica 

Photography: Chantell Bianchi


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