May 24, 2022

This New Vitamin C Product Is A Winter Skin Essential

by ROSE GARNETT - In partnership with Synergie Skin
synergie skin effica c review
Photography: Nicola Sevitt

Glow all year round.

It’s always around this time of year when we all experience the seasonal skin freak out. Our complexions are more temperamental than a toddler in a supermarket and our skin just isn’t glowing like it once did. A special thanks to the wind, drop in temperature and rain for that one! Firstly, know that you are not alone in your winter skin struggle and secondly, know that there are certain products you can add to your routine to bring back the glow and farewell the dullness. Synergie Skin’s new Effica C Serum is one such product and–luckily for you–we’ve been putting it to the test to give you all the goss on whether you need it or not.

Without spoiling too much, we’d recommend making some space on the vanity. Here’s the lowdown…


The Sell: Effica C is a boosted vitamin C with triple antioxidant power. It delivers potent, non-acidic antioxidant protection that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 


The Price: $125 from Synergie Skin


The Review: I’ll be honest, I am not a seasoned vitamin C lover. For my skin, I have always found the ingredient to be too harsh. But I was hoping to be converted after trying the Effica C serum (I wanted to join the party!)…and converted I was. Backed by clinical data, the formula features 10 per cent ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (ATIP) which is a uniquely stable, non-acidic form of vitamin C that penetrates the skin’s natural lipid pathway. In layman’s terms: it’s a super gentle vitamin C serum that does all the hard work for you and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Plus, it works to stabilise the skin barrier to prevent irritation. Pretty amazing, right?

The formula also contains coenzyme Q10 and plant-based lycopene for a supercharged triple-antioxidant serum that enhances collagen production to minimise wrinkles, boost skin hydration and even skin tone. Personally, I saw a difference right after applying the serum in the morning. My skin instantly appeared brighter and more even with a beautiful radiance that made me feel ready to conquer the day. But the greatest difference was after two weeks of using the serum. My skin is significantly less temperamental and sensitive to environmental aggressors (thanks to some seriously impressive antioxidant protection) and I have found my complexion to be a lot more even and clear.  

These results are largely thanks to the 84 per cent conversion rate of the ingredients to ascorbic acid which is the only form of vitamin C that is recognised by our cells. The controlled release system also means that the fast-absorbing serum doesn’t cause irritation because it is working hard all day long, rather than delivering the ingredients in one concentrated burst at the beginning of the day. The texture is also incredible–providing a plush indulgence to kickstart your morning. I love to apply it as my first step after cleansing and follow up with a moisturiser and SPF (very important) to top it off. A super simple routine but one that I know works thanks to the hardworking Synergie Skin Effica C serum. 

If you’d like to try it for yourself, click here.


The Score: 9/10


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