I’m A Tired New Mum – This Product Saved My Skin

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Sometimes I find myself thinking of my 30-year-old self…

I look back on her; a woman who was awfully busy. A tenacious career woman who operated at a pace that would rival even Usain Bolt. A woman who was constantly go, go, go. A woman who, as an entrepreneur, thrived off deadlines and challenges and whom despite often ran on adrenalin, also felt very tired. I think of her and I smile. Ahhh, to be young and naïve…

As a 31-year-old mother to a perfect 3-month-old baby boy named Banjo, it’s only now that I truly know what it is to feel tired (I can feel all the other mothers reading this smiling sympathetically at me). Over the past few months, I’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows – coupled with a healthy dose of pregnancy and birth hormones – and I’ve experienced sleep deprivation in a way that leaves one feeling positively delirious. When I’m nursing my son at 2:00am, I’ll look down at him and I’m reminded he is the best reason to wake up for multiple times each night. We women are resilient. We are super humans because by morning, once I’ve showered, had a coffee and applied my arsenal of radiance-boosting skin care (all are non-negotiable), it’s as if the sleepless night before is forgotten.

Banjo was three weeks old when I found myself staring into the mirror looking at this exhausted new mother staring back at me, covered in milk (or baby spew), and I noticed the obvious dark circles that were forming underneath my eyes. Every morning, they appeared to be becoming darker and darker while my skin became drier and more lacklustre. As well as this, one of the side effects of breastfeeding is yes, you guessed it, dry skin – my face had become drier than the Sahara Desert.

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I knew it was time to bring out the big guns!

It was time to call upon a serious skin saviour: Crème de la Mer – a luxurious and superbly rich-texture moisturiser, which stands above the rest. Why? There are many reasons why Crème de la Mer is an investment worth making, but what ultimately sets this sumptuous cream apart is its ‘Miracle Broth’. This ‘Miracle Broth’ consists of La Mer’s signature ingredient: fermented sea kelp, which is sustainably harvested by hand twice a year off the coast of Vancouver, placed on ice and rushed to the La Mer labs to ensure its powerful nutrients remain optimised. I KNOW, right?!

Within 14 days of reintroducing the cream back into my skin care routine, I began to notice the changes – my skin appeared supple, my complexion looked dewy and hydrated. It looked as if I was getting actual sleep! Designed for dry skin types (and appropriate for sensitive skin too), I applied the cream every morning and night – after my face serum and eye treatment. The lavish cream drenches skin in deep all day and night moisture, also helping to treat fine lines, redness and irritation.

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To further restore radiance and give me back that pregnancy glow I had last year, I now really savour my skin care routine – those 5 minutes of ‘me time’ have become such a precious ritual. I’ve always believed skin care to be a form of self-care but now that I’m a mother, my skin care routine is so much more than that. It’s just a few precious minutes every morning and evening where I get to treat myself.

So while spending my first Mother’s Day in lockdown isn’t something anyone could’ve imagined, I think every other mother and I still have every reason to feel special from afar – and is there any gift more special than the world’s most luxurious moisturiser? 

Have you tried Créme de la Mer?

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