Nail polish removers don’t typically get this much fanfare, but that was before we dipped our fingertips into a pot of Delete All by Formula X.

Let us tell you something about Delete All: When the delivery arrived in the office, our friend Sara (you know her from Harper & Harley) tested hers out. She had days-old polish she wanted removed and normally this would’ve taken a decent amount time, some serious elbow grease and several cotton pads which we’d just run out of by the way.

She twisted off the cap, ripped open the silver foil and slid her fingers into the five finger pockets cut into the solution-soaked sponge. Four or five seconds later, she lifted her fingers out and the polish was gone. *Cue audible oohs and ahhs.

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Soon after, another gal pal of ours dropped by for some emergency nail polish remover (we’re obviously good for that here). She too had chipped polish that needed to be as gone as Gone Girl in time for an important business meeting. We proudly handed over our pot of Delete All. Needless to say, she was stoked with the result. A few seconds and a practised second dip later and her nails were almost spotless. Hers took marginally longer only because her manicure was double colour-coated and also top coated.

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Look, we realise nail polish pots aren’t anything new: L’Oréal have their Le Flash Manicure Remover and Maybelline came out with Express Remover a few years back. But, what we love about Formula X Delete All is how you can clean all five fingers at once. The no-spillage thing is brilliant and Delete All is formulated without parabens and sulfates. It’s also super fast-drying so you can re-paint your nails without any downtime between (though, we’d suggest a liberal layer of hand cream or cuticle oil afterwards to keep hands conditioned). The advanced formula reliably removes even the most stubborn glitter polishes in just one dunk, but unfortunately not shellac or cure-gel polishes.

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For under $25 a pot, why wouldn’t you get one? You’ll probably spend as much on disposable cotton pads over time, and the way we see it, time is money so why go wasting anymore time? Get one next time you’re in beauty heaven (i.e. Sephora).

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I am using this one as well and just so easy!

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