No matter how killer you are at hair and makeup, there’s always more to learn.

And while we love beauty destinations such as Byrdie and YouTube tutorials by the likes of Lisa Eldridge, Ruby Golani and Chloe Morello, there’s still a very special place in our hearts for beauty books.

Eternal sources of education and inspiration, beauty books also look right at home on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Rescu Me!, the debut book by Bahar Etminan – digital entrepreneur and founder of Rescu – is perfect for anyone who wants plenty of tips, tricks and insightful pieces of advice.

Etminan breaks down everything—and we do mean everything—about beauty, from basic nutrition and skincare, all the way to her chosen makeup application techniques and fashion styling tips as well as from other leading industry experts. “This book is a makeover guide for anyone who wants to dial up the fabulous in any aspect of their life,” says Etminan.


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Rescu Me! is divided into easy-to-refer-to sections by feature (diet, fitness, fashion and makeup), by looks (cool minimalism, groomed sophistication, casual feminine) and even by product (the chapter on Skincare Tried and True (page 228) is mega helpful). There’s even a section with real life makeovers on real women of different ages. “[This book] will help you look and feel your most beautiful, empowered self,” she says. With amazing illustrations and caring advice, this beauty book is truly indispensable.

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Rescu Me! author, Bahar Etminan
Photography: Justin Ridler

Tell us, what is your favourite beauty book?

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