April 20, 2021

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Here’s What To Buy Your Mum Based On Her Horoscope

Design: Liz Finnigan

Because you wouldn’t buy a Taurus an eyeshadow palette now, would you?

Consider this your first reminder that Mother’s Day is around the corner. Rolling around on Sunday, May 9 (that’s right, less than three weeks away!), the day for celebrating the women we call four times a day for no reason is fast approaching. But rather than waiting until the very last minute to buy that special mother figure in your life a gift, we suggest you start early. Hence, our determination to deliver you a gift guide while you still have plenty of time up your sleeve—for shipping, that is.

But this isn’t just any gift guide… This is a horoscope based gift guide. So, whether your mum is a Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces or Virgo, there is a gift that is perfectly suited to her.


March 21 – April 19

The Traits: Bold, passionate, confident.

The Explanation: A Fire sign, Aries are the epitome of confidence. Bold in their presence and choices, Aries are born leaders who build their network through sheer determination and willingness. They’re also direct—so you’ll never have to guess how an Aries feels towards you. 

The Gift: For someone who is as bold as they are positive, we can’t go past Ciate London’s new I Am Woman Eyeshadow Palette ($78). With 24 blushing shades to choose from, your mum will be able to create a look as unapologetic and passionate as she is.


April 20 – May 20

The Traits: Stable, reliable, devoted.

The Explanation: An Earth sign, Taurus mothers are practical and well-grounded, often feeling the need to be surrounded by love and beauty. One of the most responsible signs in the Zodiac, the Taurus woman is stable and conservative, always ready to endure and maintain choices she has made.

The Gift: For a mother who thrives when grounded and stable, a Virtruvi Stone Diffuser ($169) will not go astray. A practical, useful gift that will also connect to Taurus’s love of beautiful things, this diffuser will have you awarded as the favourite child in no time.


May 21 – June 20

The Traits: Playful, adaptable, gentle.

The Explanation: One of the most playful, sociable signs in the Zodiac, Gemini is always down for a fun time. Extremely curious and adaptable, you never quite know which side of the Gemini’s personality you will be presented with but you can always count on the Air sign’s ability to out-wit you.

The Gift: For a gift as playful and versatile as the Gemini herself, we can’t go past the Dyson Airwrap ($799). With five different attachments to curl, smooth, straighten or give volume to the hair, the Air sign has the freedom to change up her look depending on her mood.


June 21 – July 22

The Traits: Homely, loyal, sympathetic.

The Explanation: Deeply intuitive and emotional, Cancers are as typical a Water sign as you can get. Particularly caring for matters relating to their home and family, Cancers are very loyal, empathetic and sympathetic—able to understand people very easily.

The Gift: The perfect Mother’s Day gift for a Cancer? A chic addition to the home á la the Resorè Face Washer Set ($99). Both practical and luxurious, a Cancerian will love this understated bathroom buddy. 


July 23 – August 22

The Traits: Vivacious, cheerful, creative.

The Explanation: Self-confident, dramatic, dominant—you’ll know if your mother is a Leo. Extremely confident and self-aware, a Leo has the enviable ability to bring together multiple groups of people. This Sun sign often becomes the centre of attention.

The Gift: For a gift as vivacious and dramatic as she is, the Good Hair Textured Hair Book ($34.75) is the ultimate Leo Mother’s Day gift. A detailed guide to styling and caring for textured, afro or curly hair, this book is a beauty-lovers dream.


August 23 – September 22

The Traits: Practical, analytical, hard working.

The Explanation: Detail-oriented and always caring, a Virgo mother is one of the most tender in the Zodiac. Methodical and practical in their approach to life, the Earth sign is known for leading an ultra-organised life.

The Gift: The Laundress Whites & Darks Fabric Care Set ($82.15) is the ultimate Virgo Mother’s Day gift. Both practical and chic, this duo of laundry detergents will have her ultra-organised laundry looking luxurious in no time. Did we mention the scent is also out of this world?


September 23 – October 22

The Traits: Orderly, diplomatic, social.

The Explanation: One of the more peaceful air signs, Libras are fair, balanced and hate being alone. Social in every sense of the word, a Libra seeks partnership in everything they do and is constantly chasing justice and equality. 

The Gift: Nailing both their social and orderly traits, we can’t go past No. 22 Agate Nature Reine Coasters ($114) as the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Libra mum. Designed for the ultimate entertainer, these coasters will jazz up any table setting or keep the champagne glasses from marking your mum’s favourite coffee table.


October 23 – November 21

The Traits: Ambitious, passionate, resourceful.

The Explanation: Born assertive, a Scorpio mother is a great leader and resourceful beyond belief. Emotional, as all Water signs are, Scorpios are known for their calm, cool behaviour and mysterious appearance. Don’t be fooled, though, this zodiac sign is incredibly determined and ambitious.

The Gift: For a gift that will tick all of a Scorpio mother’s boxes, we can’t go past the Nespresso VetuoPlus White Round Top & Aeroccino3 Machine ($259). Ideal for fueling a Scorpios ambitious mindset and keeping their resourcefulness as sharp as a tack, a coffee machine will win you serious brownie points.

Design: Liz Finnigan


November 22 – December 21

The Traits: Generous, idealistic, loves to travel.

The Explanation: Curious and idealistic, those that fall within the Sagittarius star sign are some of the most nomadic of the Zodiac. With a passion for travel, the Fire sign is extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic, with the enviable ability to achieve anything they set their minds to.

The Gift: For a gift that transports your Sagittarius mother around Australia (without the costly plane ticket), Lumira’s new Terra Australis Candle ($70) will do the trick. With a scent formulated to reflect all the different terrains that our great land has to offer, we’re sure your travel-crazy mother will be delighted.


December 22 – January 19

The Traits: Persistent, determined, self-controlled.

The Explanation: An Earth sign, Capricorns possess an innate sense of independence and self-control. Persistent in their approach to life, love and business, a Capricorn has a knack for learning from mistakes and making it to the top based solely on expertise and experience.

The Gift: To keep your Capricorn mother on her game as we approach the middle of the year, we love the chic yet practical Mid Year Planner from An Organised Life ($39.99). Believe us, she will thank you for it.


January 20 – February 18

The Traits: Free-spirited, original, independent.

The Explanation: Both shy and energetic at the same time, this Air sign is highly intellectual and able to problem solve with ease. With the ability to adapt to the energy around them, an Aquarius-born mother is both free-spirited and quiet—a contradiction that makes them one of the most mysterious zodiac signs.

The Gift: For the woman who is always on the move, running wild with her free-spirited nature, the Diptyque Car Diffuser With Baies Insert ($158) is a safe bet for a great Mother’s Day Gift. Perfect for popping in her car when inspiration strikes and she is on the move, this gift is both luxurious and original.


February 19 – March 20

The Traits: Creative, compassionate, wise.

The Explanation: Selfless and friendly, a Pisces mother is deeply empathetic and compassionate. A Water sign, Pisces are extremely intuitive and often channel this into creative projects or musical endeavours.

The Gift: A fragrance that epitomises creativity and delicateness, the Elizabeth Arden Ginger Lily White Tea EDT ($78) is a great option for the Pisces in your life that you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day. With notes of ginger lily blossom and sparkling bitter orange, the scent is both floral and zesty—playful like she is.



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