At 28, Jessica Hart has walked for Marc Jacobs, graced the covers of ELLE, Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR as well as appeared in campaigns for the likes of Guess, Seafolly and Portmans. Now, the Australian-born, New York-based blonde has launched her own cosmetics range, LUMA by Jessica Hart. We caught up exclusively with Hart to talk all things beauty.

GP: What has been your biggest career highlight?

JH: “It’s hard to say because there’s been so many highlights. I remember the day I found out I got the Guess campaign and realising I was a Guess girl, which was amazing. When I was on the cover of Australian Vogue, that was so special. And, of course Victoria’s Secret fashion show. So there’s been so many different stages in my career but it doesn’t make any of the highlights one of them more or less important to me than the other. I thank God every day for being able to do what I do.”

GP: How does it feel knowing young women consider you and your sister [Ashley Hart] as role women?

JH: “It’s really cool. It does make you very cautious because you become very aware of what you put out on social media. If I’m having lunch with a girlfriend and there’s a glass a wine, I’ll make a note not to include it in a photo in case young girls see my post. You just have to be aware that there are people out there that you’re influencing, which is an amazing thing, but you do just have to be aware and do the best you can.”

GP. How do you remain so level-headed?

JH: “I see a lot of young models get caught up in the industry. I grew up in this industry and I think I’d be silly to say I don’t get caught up in it from time to time but I think my mum raised us to very much have the attitude that if it happens, it happens. We try not to let things get us down. I think I owe a lot to my mum.”

GP: How do you stay in shape?

JH: “There is no normal working week for me so exercise is one of the hardest thing to fit in. If I’m travelling and working long hours, the last thing you want to do is work out. But, I just try to make the right choices when I can whether that’s eating the right foods. I do enjoy working out so if I get a day off, I go to the gym. I also have a trainer and we do pilates, spin classes or yoga – I like mixing it up. I don’t think your body responds as well when you’re only doing one form of exercise. I love going to re:AB in New York. It’s a very cool exercise place.”

GP: Congratulations! You’ve just launched your own cosmetics range, LUMA by Jessica Hart. Where does the name come from?

JH: “It stems from the word ‘luminosity’ but doesn’t mean anything per se. I like that it’s open to interpretation.”

GP: How long have you spent working on the range?

JH: “I’ve been working on it about three and a half years ago. It’s been a long but rewarding journey. I was always on shoot sets so it was really interesting seeing how different makeup artists work, how the makeup would sit on my skin, so I became really interested in makeup. I always get asked what makeup do I wear myself so the idea grew from there.”

GP: How involved were you in the development process?

JH: “I worked to create every single product is touched and approved by me. Why it took so long to get it right is because I live in New York but all the products are made in Australia, so we were constantly having samples shipped to me, I would make notes of what needed to be changed and we would go back and forth. I’m very hands on and a perfectionist. I wanted to be able to promote it authentically. I couldn’t just put my name on something I wasn’t truly passionate about.”

GP: Tell us about the edit.

JH: “I love tinted moisturisers and the range really started with the tinted moisturiser that was dewy but didn’t leave skin oily. We have a pink blush for complexions with pink undertones and a peach blush for yellow undertones. I also wanted the range to be as natural as possible. LUMA was created to enhance natural skin tones rather than cover it.”

GP: What is your favourite product from the range?

JH: “The illuminating highlighter. It took me so long to get it right – to get the consistency and the sheen right. I apply it onto my skin with a brush because I like when you can’t tell I’m wearing it. There’s nothing worse when you can see illuminator sitting on top of the skin.”

GP: Do you have plans to expand the range?

JH: “Yes, of course – I’d love to. We’re working to create new colours to fit within the range. I’d love for LUMA to grow to become a household makeup brand for women and girls who want easy, natural-looking makeup.

GP: What is your favourite moisturiser?

JH:Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate.”

GP: What is your favourite fragrance?

JH:Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi.”

GP: What is your favourite mascara?

LUMA by Jessica Hart Daring Curves Mascara – the brush is chunky but it’s great for defining lashes. It has a great formula which doesn’t fall but also easy to remove.”

GP: When you are not modelling, what do you do?

JH: “I walk my dog Floyd who is a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. He comes everywhere with me!”

GP: What is your favourite holiday destination?

JH: “Greek Islands.”

GP: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JH: “Vegetable soups.”

GP: What is your favourite thing to splurge on?

JH: “Handbags – right now I have a Saint Laurent and Bally bag, which I alternate.”

GP: When are you at your happiness?

JH: “When I’m with my friends and family.”

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LUMA by Jessica Hart Powder Blush in Peach


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