Stop everything – again. Last year we brought you news of Glossier’s toe-dip first-step into global expansion via Net-A-Porter. Now comes ‘Phase 2’, its first major foray into makeup.

OK, so despite the fact that 91% Glossier’s range isn’t yet available to buy down under…

AND, despite the fact that it’s not been advertised on on traditional media…

AND, despite the fact that the beauty market is already completely saturated with clever do-it-all products…

There’s an undeniably passionate – not to mention, patientGlossier fan base in Australia. The fuss-free, highly-curated beauty brand, created by our woman-crush-everyday, Emily Weiss A.K.A founder and CEO of U.S beauty website Into The Gloss, earlier this week launched their highly-anticipated Phase 2 Set adding three makeup staples to the existing ‘Phase 1’ skincare collection:

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The Stretch Concealer is a highly-pigmented and nourishing wax-based invisibility cloak for blemishes that moves with your face instead of caking on top of it. Best yet, it’s available in five shades.

Generation G lipstick is a lip stain created for women who’d prefer not to have to reapply their lipstick more than twice a day. It also wears like a lip balm because the people who created it really do want you to wear it everyday.

The Boy Brow Brush had its solo release last October. Needless to say, the first-ever tinted brow pomade was a success and now it’s back to complete the phase 2 trifecta.

While there’s no word on Aussie distribution yet – between friends, we’re thinking it’s just a matter of time/paperwork. In the meantime, you can get your hands on Glossier’s kick-arse Balm Dotcom 3-Pack on Net-A-Porter, here.

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