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Isabel Lucas

The actress requested only cruelty-free cosmetics and sustainably sourced fashion for her Gritty Pretty Magazine cover shoot.

She first landed on our screens playing a reserved Tasha Andrews on Home & Away, but 15 years later, Isabel Lucas has more than a number of starring Hollywood roles under her belt—she’s also an activist, campaigning for a range of environmental causes close to her heart.

Lucas’ Gritty Pretty Magazine cover shoot took place at Halcyon House on Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW, not far from Lucas’ hometown of Byron Bay. She’s self-confessed softly spoken, but Lucas is vocal and passionate about advocating for change, and also looks to personally lessen her own carbon footprint, always opting for cruelty-free cosmetics and sustainably sourced fashion, which she also requested for this shoot.

On set photographer Eddie New, stylist Molly King, and hair and makeup artist Ashlea Penfold took their inspiration from Lucas’ free spirit and affiliation with to nature to showcase her natural beauty to its best advantage. Here, we take you behind the scenes on our shoot, and reveal how to recreate her cover look.

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“Isabel’s natural beauty and connection to the environment was my inspiration. I love her freckles, and I wanted her make-up to feel fresh by creating a soft, balmy glow. I lightly massaged in Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturiser to even out her complexion, and dusted Aveda Peach Essence Face Accents in Peach Lights and Apricot Whisper, over her cheeks and nose for a sun-kissed finish. For her hair, I lightly brushed the Aveda Thickening Tonic through the lengths, and continued to scrunch it in my hands while blow-drying. It was perfect for the undone, effortless look that brought my vision to life.”

– Ashlea Penfold, Hair and Makeup Artist

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