Instead of putting together our usual bumper listicle of Christmas gifts, this year we thought we’d get personal our readers by sharing exactly what’s on our beauty wish lists. (And if those readers just happen to be our significant others, great.)

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Lauren Deighton

Digital & Sales Manager

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Dyson Supersonic

“Blow-drying my hair is the bane of my existence. It’s so long as it adds 10-15 minutes onto my routine every morning. Dyson would be a life saver with it’s fast drying and heat-shield technology – would leave me with 10 extra minutes to savour my coffee!”

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Clairsonic Mia

“Working all day and often attending events at night means my makeup is on around the clock. The best part of the day is giving my face a scrub when I finally get home, but when it’s late and I’m tired, I don’t always do it properly. The Clarisonic takes the hard work out of it, cleansing it deeply while I sit back and relax. It’s also small enough to take travelling or to the gym.”

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Morgan Tait

Art Director

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Rodin Olio Lusso Crema Luxury Hand & Body Cream

“I love hand creams and as a designer I work a lot with my hands (even if it’s only on the computer) and they get dry. A good hand cream is really hard to find but this one by Rodin with healing agents, aloe vera and antioxidants will keep them hydrated and smelling fresh.”

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Tom Ford Oud Wood Candle

“I’m obsessed with candles and how they can completely transform any room. Living with my partner, this candle’s a good balance of feminine to masculine so this is the perfect gift for both of us.”

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Wendy Hoang

Beauty Editor

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Aerin X WelleCo. The Super Elixir

“I want to live my healthiest life in 2017: enter WelleCo., the nutritional and wellness supplement by Aussie supermodel Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson and her team, including Dr. Simone Laubscher, Macpherson’s personal nutritional doctor. For Christmas, they’ve also teamed up with Aerin Lauder to create this exclusive gold caddy Super Elixir that’s twice the size and shine of the original. It’s a bit indulgent, but what the hell, I deserve it!”

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ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Premium Gift Set

“‘Tis the season to update my trusty old ghd with an trust new one – and what better time than during the thick of party season. This ghd Christmas offering comes with the award-winning ghd V gold styler in a limited edition copper luxe finish, and two NAILS INC. polishes in complementary metallic shades. Hair (done!), nails (did!), just do you brows and you’re set for a night out.”

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Eleanor Pendleton

Editor & Publisher

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Diptyque Large Outdoor Bais Candle

“While there is no greater gift than gifting, sometimes it’s a real treat to receive. This Christmas, I would be tickled with a Diptyque Large Baies Candle. At 1.5kg and with a whopping 150 hours of burn time, this bouquet of roses and blackcurrants is a fragrance lover’s dream. Once you finally burn it empty, the earthenware pot doubles as a vase.  Excessive? Okay, yes. Practical? Sure. Need? Absolutely.

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SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream

“I’ll have what Cate Blanchett is having. If I could bathe in SK-II, I would. Instead, I’ll settle for lathering my face and neck in SK-II’s most luxurious anti-ageing offering from its LXP range. The decadent rose gold packaging would sit proudly on my vanity.”

What’s on your Christmas beauty wish list? 


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