At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia recently, I was honoured to be made a Fashion Ambassador by the NSW Government and Destination NSW.

Now, I have to admit that when I was approached, I was absolutely shocked. Humbled, of course. But, for the most part, completely shocked.

Let’s be real – I love fashion but I’m no fashion blogger. I leave that to the professionals like Margaret and Sara. Like most, I have those days where I pull out every item in my wardrobe in frustration because I simply don’t know what to wear.

Truth be told, I’m a journalist who studied communications and happens to write about beauty. Still, I don’t deny I can be partial to a midi-length skirt and Céline trio bag.

You see, I can appreciate the beauty in a handcrafted pair of Louboutins equally as well as the satisfaction in finding the perfect grey marle organic cotton t-shirt from H&M for, oh, $5.

So, when I was interviewed recently by Refinery 29 and asked what I think embodies Australian fashion, my immediate response was: “Aussie style is an amalgamation of a relaxed beach chic culture and rural outback areas with a modern and metropolitan urban twist.”

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Hi Eleanor, I've just recently discovered your beauty blog and I think it's great!! It's definitely become one of my go-to favorite blogs to read. I love the simple layout and straight to the point writing, plus you're also very beautiful to look at no matter what makeup you're trying, but I love your effortless makeup that you have in these pictures. In these pictures, I've noticed that your makeup looks similar to the one you took with your boyfriend for Witchery-by any chance are you using the Nars bronzer in Laguna? I also love that nude lipstick your using, can you please tell me what color and brand you use for your lips. Thanx a bunch, Kristine :)

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