October 04, 2023

Gritty Pretty Founder Eleanor Pendleton Shares Her Baby Pram Essentials

by ELEANOR PENDLETON - In partnership with Bugaboo
eleanor pendleton

It’s the age-old question asked among mothers: “What are your must-have baby essentials?”

As a mother of two, I’ve leaned into this evolved season of motherhood with a new, perhaps more confident approach. You see, like anything in life, one learns from lived experience. With my firstborn son (Banjo, 3 years), I had every single item I needed (and more in case of an emergency, fire or flood). If I had strapped my son into his pram and we were heading out for a walk to the playground, I’d pack almost everything but the kitchen sink. However, with my youngest daughter (Rumi, 7 months), I believe I’ve come to finesse the art of packing only the essentials.

As you can probably tell from some of my accessories (pictured), I’m partial to a beige colourway—I’m naturally fond of neutrals but I also didn’t find out the gender of both babies so anything I did invest in was beige or taupe. This year, Bugaboo are championing timeless colour combinations by adding two new shades to the Bugaboo range this month; Desert Taupe for prams and bags as well as Dune Taupe for seasonal accessories. With the versatile, natural tones of these must-have baby essentials, you can create a look that will span the seasons for years to come.

Bugaboo Fox 5, RRP $2,139

Bugaboo Changing Backpack, RRP $259.95


Malo Nappy Rash Spray (the spray is more practical and hygiene than a cream, trust me)
Brillo Beauty The Balm (good enough to use on both mum and baby as a wonder skin salve)
Nappy Wipes (the real MVP)
Nappies (I usually pack 3-4 for when I’m heading out for the day)
WOTNOT Biodegradable Nappy Bags (Because no one wants to smell otherwise…)
Koala Eco Hand Sanitiser (My favourite hand sanitiser – smells of lemon scented tea tree oil)
Hand Cream (To apply after all aforementioned hand sanitiser and avoid dry hands)
Nappy Change Mat (An essential for any nappy bag or pram)
Change of clothes for Rumi (Because blow-outs…)
Bib (If you’ve hit the solids or teething stage)
Sophie the Giraffe (For those sore gums)
Swaddle (Can be used as a blanket, spew cloth, anything really)
iPhone & Apple Earpods (So you can catch up on phone calls or the latest podcast episodes from Beyond The Bump or We Don’t Have Time For This during your morning pram walk)

The new Taupe collection from Bugaboo is available at all Bugaboo retailers and online at bugaboo.com across Australia and New Zealand.


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