June 01, 2023

6 Celebrity Beauty and Wellness Brands Launching in 2023

Did you think we saw the end of celebrity beauty brand launches in 2022? Turns out, we didn’t!

In case you missed it, we’re in the era of celebrity beauty brands. Remember the celebrity fragrance phase of the Noughties, when our bedroom shelves were full of different variations of Britney Spears Fantasy perfume? (Midnight Fantasy was always the best, in my humble opinion). Well, forget fragrance, now it’s all about celebrity skincare, makeup and wellness brands. 

Last year it felt like a new celebrity beauty brand was launched every other week. We saw the launch of Hailey Bieber’s Rhode, Kim Kardashian’s SKKN BY KIM, Scarlett Johansson’s The Outnet and, arguably the most unexpected, Le Domaine by Brad Pitt (who saw that coming?). Some are calling 2023 ‘the death of the celebrity beauty brand’, however, we’ve done some digging and it doesn’t seem like the celebs are finished just yet. Here are the brands tipped to launch in 2023. 

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John Legend

John Legend might just be the first celebrity beauty launch of 2023, introducing his skincare line LovedO1 to the world in February. Aiming to address a gap in the market for those with deeper skin tones, the Loved01 range caters to melanin-rich skin and is offered at an affordable price point, available for sale in CVS Pharmacies and Walmarts across the US. The range includes all the major skincare essentials like a face and body moisturiser, an exfoliating cleanser, toning mist and even a shave cream, all of which have been formulated with People of Colour in mind. Unfortunately, the brand isn’t yet available to shop in Aus, but hopefully it makes its way to our shores soon!


Although KNOW Beauty isn’t exactly new, previously launched by Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer in 2021, the brand had a complete re-launch in March this year, with Hudgens now the sole founder. In an interview with WWD, Hudgens explains the decision to relaunch with the focus on one individual product that can be easily incorporated into an established routine. That product? The Glacial Bay Clay Mask—a mask designed to complement acne-prone and oily skin by using mineral-infused clay (harvested from an active glacier in British Columbia) to purify and restore natural glow. Although KNOW Beauty has partnered with Amazon, it seems us Aussie’s have missed out again, with the product only available to shop in the US for now.


Another early 2023 celeb brand announcement and one that’s, again, not totally new having soft-launched in May 2022, is Playground. Recently, the one and only Christina Aguilera announced the official launch of Playground, a sexual wellness brand centred around female empowerment. The line currently includes four water-based personal lubricants with varying subtle scents, each formulated with clean and plant-based ingredients. A bonus is that the understated pastel packaging means there’s no more need to hide it in a drawer! Playground could easily camouflage in with the skincare products on your nightstand, so put her on show! 


You might be thinking, what else is there for Rihanna to conquer? The answer to that would be hair! That’s right, Fenty Hair is tipped to be coming soon. E! News reported mid-last year that Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade LLC, had filed a trademark for Fenty Hair. The trademark filing notes products such as hair brushes, clips, extensions, wigs, as well as hair curlers and other hand tools, so get ready! If this line is anything like her other noteworthy Fenty lines, it’s sure to be a success and once again set the benchmark for celebrity brands. It is Bad Gal Riri we’re talking about here! 


I’m sure it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, that another member of the Kardashian family is set to launch a brand. What may be surprising is that this time, it’s North West. Recently making headlines, it’s reported that Kim Kardashian has filed to secure four trademarks on behalf of North, and from the trademark descriptions it’s speculated that one of them could be a skin care line. The only question is when. Have these trademarks been filed simply to ‘reserve’ the name for the future, safeguarding it for when North grows up? Or, can we expect the 9-year-old to launch a brand this year? Only time will tell! What we do know is that the Kardashian family are experts when it comes to celebrity brands, so never say never!


No, you’re not dreaming—Queen Bey is finally entering the beauty world. Just when we thought she had done it all, Beyoncé recently took to Instagram to tease her soon to be launched haircare brand and the wave of hype it caused was hard to miss. The post was a carousel of images, with one seeing her sitting at a vanity, curling iron in hand, with what can be assumed to be product samples displayed neatly on the counter. The bottle labels are blank (yes, of course we zoomed in), however, it’s speculated the range will include products like hair oils, mousse and more. There has been no hint toward a brand name just yet, although we personally think Beyhive should be a front runner. Get your wallets and multiple internet browsers ready, we have no doubt it will be a sellout upon launch! 


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