A Day In The Life Of Model Ruby Tuesday Matthews

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For Byron Bay-based model and busy mum-of-two Ruby Tuesday Matthews, carving out time for a little beauty pampering and TLC can be tricky—and if you don’t believe us, head to her Instagram account and see for yourself. Following the adventures of Ruby, her children Rocket and Mars, and her partner, photographer Ryan Heywood, you know you can always count on Ruby to keep it real, with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure.

Gritty Pretty spent the day by the water in Sydney’s Watsons Bay with Ruby and youngest son, Mars, where we had the opportunity to hear about Ruby’s packed schedule, her approach to beauty, and life in Byron Bay with her tribe of boys. In true Ruby fashion, she answers honestly: “Before I had children, I really neglected my skin and inner health, and as I get older, I’m beginning to realise that less is more when it comes to my regimen,” explains Matthews.


Citing her love for nature and spending time outdoors with her family, Ruby also stresses the importance of using skincare enriched with natural ingredients, preferring to avoid harsh chemicals, and says that she loves products that have more than one use. “It means that I can still take care of my skin but without the need for a long, extensive regimen—it gives me more time with my kids.”

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Throughout our shoot, Ruby experienced the nourishing and hydrating benefits of Clarins Face Treatment Oil firsthand. Available in three variants, the oils are designed to treat different concerns, and each lightweight formula—all of which can be used on face, hands and nails and even your hair—are comprised of 100% pure plant extracts. Lotus Face Treatment Oil is best suited for combination/oily skin types (yes, oily skins can benefit from face oils!) and contains rosemary oil to rebalance skin. Santal Face Treatment Oil  is great for most skin types and harnesses oils of sandalwood, cardamom and lavender to soothe and stimulate the skin. Ruby’s choice? The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, which turns to hazelnut oil and the essential oil patchouli to target dry and dehydrated complexions in particular, providing a long-lasting boost of moisture for soft, supple skin.

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Tell us—have you tried one of the Clarins Face Treatment Oils?

How do you make time to care for your complexion?


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