Women supporting women.

On Saturday 23rd March, Gritty Pretty–in partnership with La Mer–hosted an intimate breakfast at the Public Dining Room in Balmoral for the inaugural #WomenWithGritt event.

With over 40 Gritty Pretty readers in attendance, the concept for #WomenWithGritt was born out of questions that came through to our editor-in-chief Eleanor Pendleton, who is often asked for business advice. She was regularly asked to share her experience on launching the Gritty Pretty digital platform, and the highlights and challenges she faced.

Eleanor hosted an intimate Q&A session with three other female entrepreneurs, who also shared their stories —journalist Alison Rice, host of Offline The Podcast, which aims to help women connect with their true self in an online world; Brooke Testoni, founder of accessories label Rylan Studio and mother of one; and Elle Ferguson, fashion blogger and founder of her eponymous self-tanning brand The Elle Effect.

Guests enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and sipped on glasses of Moët & Chandon, with the soothing sound of waves gently lapping in the distance.


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“I might look crazy and free-spirited but when it comes down to it I am so incredibly organised and strategic with all of the moves I make. It scares people. I saved up six months worth of rent so if it all went to hell, I knew I wasn’t going to be homeless. Even though [I made] leaps of faith when it came to investing in my business, I have been really strategic financially.”
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“I was looking at handbags, and there was nothing that wasn’t vintage-inspired that didn’t have branding, and that was really going to last. There was a space within the market, so I thought why don’t I try? I was nervous when I was about to announce it, but you just have to get your product right, and I think that whatever it is that you’re launching, you need to be happy with it, it’s your style and that you’re passionate about it. Ask questions. Ask so many questions. ”

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“I think that [Offline] took off because it comes from my heart, and I kept it really close to me. As it started to grow momentum, I guess I went through the process where I [said to myself] that this isn’t just isn’t a little thing; this is actually what you’re doing. And so after the last six months, Offline is my job. I feel so good now, and because it comes through me, I don’t find it stressful. ”

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Tell us—did you attend #WomenWithGritt? Which city should we bring it to next? 


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