5 Minutes With Uzo, NARS Global Artistry Director

From runways to magazines, if the look is NARS, we have Uzo to thank for that.

When NARS products arrive at Gritty Pretty HQ, we pay attention (too obvious?) No matter the look, this French brand, founded by makeup artist François Nars in 1994, has the tools you need.

On the runways, NARS push the boundaries of beauty – and we have NARS Global Artistry Director Uzo to thank for that. Since taking over the artistic helm in 2017, Uzo has sparked global trends, including that blue eyeliner moment, and is the driving force behind NARS’ sought after limited edition collections.

Recently, we sat down with Uzo to celebrate the launch of OrgasmX Collection and talk all things makeup, creativity and how she fosters her creativity.

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Hi Uzo! As Global Artistry Director at NARS, your job is pretty phenomenal. How long have you been working for NARS?

I’ve been with NARS for over twenty years and became the brand’s Global Artistry Director in 2017.

I’m sure a lot of people would be intrigued as to what your job actually involves. What is something surprising about your job that not many people would know?

There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that I get to dip my toes into! Not only do I come up with ideas for shoots, collections and runways but I am also part of a special panel that works directly with NARS Product Development team. Here, we’re involved with the ideation, development and testing of new products.

NARS is a go-to brand for many labels at Fashion Weeks, including Erdem, Rixo and Tory Burch. How do you go about creating looks for shows, celebrities and editorials? What does your creative process look like?

For fashion shows and editorials, the process is definitely more primal where the fashion designer or photographer may provide an abstract idea, specific concept or reference for you to interpret. It may require additional research and several hair and makeup tests to create a look that totally captures the vision of the designer, or long hours on set to create different looks that embody the theme of the editorial. Celebrity makeup is a lot more straight-forward as you are creating a beauty look that centres on a specific personality and brand, especially if it is a celebrity who is well-known and has an established beauty look and aesthetic.

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Why do you think NARS has remained one of the most iconic makeup brands for so many years?

I find that NARS’ ability to empower women to embrace their individual beauty and at the same time encourage them to have fun and experiment with makeup is quite iconic. How many brands out there that offer modern and audacious beauty products that truly inspire, push and challenge you to create your own unique look that is undeniably you?   

We couldn’t agree more! There really is something for everyone – from the natural girl to the makeup extraordinaire who loves playing with colour, NARS has it all. Arguably, though, the most iconic product would be the Orgasm blush. And with the recent release of the OrgasmX collection, what do you think makes this product so special?

Orgasm Blush has deservedly earned its iconic status due to its universal appeal. The pinky-peach combo is truly flattering because of the unique balance of warm and cool undertones, allowing the blush to compliment all complexions while the subtle golden shimmer subtly enhances the skin leaving it looking polished and luminous.

And to finish, because we are nosy, what are your top five NARS products?

My top five would definitely be the Radiant Creamy Concealer, the Soft Matte Complete Concealer, the Orgasm X Blush, the High Pigment Longwear Eyeliner in Gran Via and the Afterglow Lip Balm in Fast Lane. 

Thank you Uzo! Don’t mind us, we’re just going to go add all those items to our cart.

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