This Famous Female Aussie DJ Reveals Her Music Festival Essentials

Anna Lunoe might not be a name that’s come across your radar, but here’s why you should know her.

The talented Aussie artist, DJ and soon-to-be new mama has been owning life of late. Having recently played Coachella (while entirely pregnant), her incredible career has seen her spin tracks for CHANEL, Fendi, Prada and Louis Vuitton events. She was also the first woman to mix tracks for the Ministry of Sound CDs (remember those?). Oh, and she also has her own radio show, Hyperhouse on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

Spending so much of her time on the go, we asked Lunoe to dish on her über cool career, her music festival beauty essentials and how she keeps her makeup intact during those loooong outdoor gigs.

Here’s what she had to say:


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GRITTY PRETTY: What’s your go-to musical festival beauty look?

ANNA LUNOE: As someone with medium curly hair, it always dries differently so I work with whatever I have and however much time I have. Also, how I’m feeling and who I’m channelling on the day. It’s empowering to leave those decisions for you to decide based on your mood and not feel like you are locked into anything. It’s my little “f*ck you” to the pressures put on us and that we put on ourselves.

GP: How do you get your makeup to stay put during long, outdoor gigs?

AL: I generally apply my make up as best I can, and then once I leave the house I don’t want to think about it again. Maybe one touch up later that afternoon/night with some powder, but that’s it. I want to be empowered by my make up not a slave to it.

Product-wise I’m using more natural brands because I’m pregnant so it’s a little different but I use primer (M.A.C Spray), tinted moisturiser (the brand changes because I am usually picking products up on the road when I need them but at the moment I’m mixing together Tarte and Juice Beauty depending on my tan levels!), concealer under the eyes and on any spots (Tarte or Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing), M.A.C Translucent Powder, Tarte Blush and Tarte liquid eyeliner & mascara. My favourite eyebrow pencil until I die is from Chanel.

GP: What’s your skincare routine like with all the travelling you do?

AL: It’s pretty basic! I use a lot of Kate Somerville products on my face. Good cleanser is key, other than that just drinking plenty of water helps keep everything working properly.


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GP: Do you change up your fragrance for particular gigs/special events? Or do you have one that you wear all the time?

AL: No, I’m not a huge fragrance person. I forget to put it on. I have used Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb forever but I probably only remember to wear it once a week.

GP: At a gig like Coachella – which you just played, congrats! – what’s your beauty regimen like?

AL: Thanks! Yeah Coachella was an amazing experience. It’s one of the most challenging and exciting festivals to play and there are always sleepless nights leading up to the event. The most important thing is preparing in advance because on the day I’m often too overwhelmed to make big decisions. I really like to massage my face when I’m tired. I just use grape seed oil or my daily serum or moisturiser. I just spend 5 minutes circling my eyes and massaging my whole face. Not only does it get your circulation pumping, it freshens up a stressed face and is a small way I can be kind to myself anywhere, anytime. It’s my ritual.

GP: What’s the biggest misconception about your job as a DJ?

AL: Hmm, I’m not sure how people see it but I think people would be surprised by the travel. It’s actually emotionally and physically gruelling. Travelling 12 hours a day is not uncommon.

GP: DJ-ing is still such a male dominated space. For budding female DJs, what are your best tips for getting noticed and finding mentors?

AL: If you work your butt off and give the industry something fresh people will notice you. Focus on the work, no-one owes you anything. Make it happen for yourself.


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GP: Name your top three career highlights?

AL: Too many to mention, but right now off the top of my head: (1) EDC main stage 2016 – first woman to do it. (2) Coachella 2017. (3) Moving to America with no idea of what I was doing and eventually getting somewhere. Hardest thing I have ever done.

GP: What’s next for Anna Lunoe?

‘Bout to pop out a baby, then we will see. My radio show on Beats 1 is in its third year now so I want to continue to push the boundaries of that and also finish all the music on my computer one day! It will happen…

GP: What’s the difference between the DJ scene in Australia and everywhere else in the world?

AL: Australia is small and there are only a few cities with big clubs but besides that the audience is also a lot younger than most other countries because legal club age is 21 in the USA and clubbing is generally done older in Europe, so that makes it different as well. But people wanna rage everywhere.


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