Vanity Affairs: The Beauty Products That Keep Gabriel Waller Glowing

Welcome to Vanity Affairs – a new editorial series where we document the early morning beauty routines of notable women.

There are some women who have an I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it kind of glow – a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. You know the ones –  their hair falls just right, their skin is dewy but never shiny, and they exude confidence without being arrogant.

In the interest of public service, we’ve set about tracking these aforementioned unicorns down to find out their secrets. Have you got your pen and paper ready?

This time around, we sit down with Gabriel Waller.

In the highly competitive fashion industry, Waller has successfully carved out a niche for herself as the personal shopper to end all personal shoppers. From her home base in Sydney, Waller has earned a reputation for tracking down highly coveted yet sold-out luxury items. Since launching her business in 2018, she has worked with Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Hailey Bieber, Elle Macpherson, Ciara, Jen Atkin, Pip Edwards, Emily Weiss and more.

It’s quite some list of clientele – especially considering she only started the business 18 months ago. “Prior to starting @gabwallerdotcom, I was working as a personal stylist but it never really felt like my true calling,” Waller tells Gritty Pretty. “[There was one] sourcing request that really propelled my business and I into the spotlight. About 12 months ago, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley set out to find an @oldceline coat via her Instagram stories. A mutual friend connected us, and I stopped at nothing to find it. I love working with Rosie and continue to source pieces for her to this day.”

Recently, we sat down with Waller to talk all things beauty. Here, every single product she uses in the morning – from start to finish.


Gabriel Waller


“A few years ago I was living in LA and my skin didn’t cope well with the climate there, so I saw dermatologist, Christie Kidd, who completely saved my skin!

“About six months ago I started using the full RATIONALE skincare regime and I’ve noticed a massive difference since using it. Their range takes all the guesswork out of skin care because the Essential Six system is so simple. It’s certainly worth it for anyone looking for an easy, effective routine. [I also love] the ProCeramide Pre-Cleanse Oil from the Booster series, which dissolves my sunscreen and makes removing makeup a breeze.

“I’m also a big fan of Gua Sha and use a jade facial tool every morning to remove any puffiness from my face

“When travelling, I also keep the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum handy – it’s perfect to give my skin an instant boost of moisture.”


“I love natural beauty, so I like to keep things pretty simple. I’ve been using the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for as long as I can remember and I can’t leave the house without the Dior Lip Glow in 001. I’m OBSESSED and my Dior Beauty family always ensures that I am stocked up.

“When it comes to all things eyes, Hourglass is my go-to. I love the Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara and Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. Again, my eye routine is super simple, but these products pair beautifully together.”


Gabriel Waller


“I love scents and fragrances. I have a few that I like to keep in constant rotation, but at the moment I am super into the new Maison Christian Dior Perfumes [Available at Maison Christian Dior in David Jones on Elizabeth Street, Sydney]. At the moment, I’m wearing Holy Peony – a soft, fruity floral that is perfect for the Australian summer. During the colder months though I tend to wear more masculine scents, so I’ll likely switch to their Spice Blend perfume which is super warm and mysterious.”Gabriel Waller


“Another product I swear by is Venustus’ Authentic Body Serum, which stimulates the lymphatic system. I put this on every night before bed. I’ve found it works wonders on sunburn too.”

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