A Day In The Life Of Elle Macpherson

From her early morning call time to a low carb lunch, this is how Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson gets it done.

In 1989 – that’s 30 years ago, but who’s counting? – Elle Macpherson was aptly nicknamed ‘The Body’ on the cover of Time magazine. It’s a moniker that follows her to this day; and why shouldn’t it? At 55 years old, Macpherson has never looked better.

While Macpherson is obviously genetically blessed, maintaining a supermodel figure into your 50s does require a clean, wholesome lifestyle. “I have always been interested in wellness, but I when I was younger it was more directed at fitness,” Macpherson tells Gritty Pretty. “When you are younger, you are sort of interested in the way you look, you don’t really understand what it takes to balance inner and outer beauty. As I matured, I went on this journey to try understand how my body truly works in all phases of life.”

Macpherson’s wellness journey led her to co-found Welleco – a range of daily wholefood supplements. The brand’s offering ranges from the signature Super Elixir (a green powder infused with herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics) to herbal tea, protein powder and more.

Welleco is no side hustle. Since launching in 2014, Macpherson’s latest business venture is now stocked in David Jones, Sephora, Net-A-Porter, assorted health food stores, the list goes on. (Impressive, no?) As part of her role as Co-Founder & Director of Welleco, the supermodel is currently in Australia for a series of speaking events with Business Chicks.

So, what does a day in the life of this supermodel, serial entrepreneur, mother and wellness guru involve? Here, Macpherson divulges her daily routine from sunrise to sunset – no detail spared.


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I wake up at around 5-5:30am in the morning because I get my son up at 6am and I like to have that time in the morning where I can be quiet and prepare myself for the day.

I don’t reach for the phone. I don’t jump out of bed or have an espresso as soon as I wake up. I wake up consciously and set the foundation for my day.

I do conscious breathing and then some meditation. I set my intentions for the day, sometimes I do some spiritual reading or writing. Meditation for me is very simple. Just sitting quietly; I sit up, I don’t lay down, and then I breathe, counting my breaths. I get into a calm state, and then I just listen – listen for guidance, quiet my mind. That kind of connection is very important to me.

Then, I usually I drink a lot of water; probably almost one litre of water.


I wake up my son and start preparing breakfast. While I am preparing breakfast, I have a hot water and lemon. I usually have a Welleco Super Elixir blast – a scoop of greens with water before I eat.


I get my son off to school. Afterwards, I will do some sort of exercise. I try to get fresh air, sunshine and connect with nature which is super important to me; a walk in the park with my dogs or I will go for a run. Sometimes I will swim laps or get on the elliptical. If I’m travelling, I do yoga in the morning but I usually prefer to do yoga in the evening.

When I get back, I have a shower and breakfast – maybe a raw chia pudding or oatmeal soaked in hemp milk or just fruit. On the weekend, it’s poached eggs and avocado. Then, I take my supplements – I am working on a few at the moment. I might take a Welleco Super Booster too.


I get into the office around 9:30am; I have an office at home. I will have some snacks and I’ll have a juice mid-morning.

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I’ll have lunch which can be veggies and a piece of sunflower toast. I’m not a big carbohydrates person.

I try not to carry my phone around with me, not in my pocket, not in my hand. I don’t scroll through Instagram all day. And believe me, this is not easy. I put time aside when I go onto social media. Social media is extremely important to me being an online business; tapping into our consumers and our community is super important. When I’m at my desk, I’m doing what I need to do at my desk; I’m not scrolling Instagram. I think it is time consuming.


I have a protein shake at around 2pm. I’m a chocoholic, so we made a really robust pea and rice protein powder. [It’s] a very clean, lean, protein powder that is more than just a filler-upper. Most protein powders just fill you up so you don’t get hungry. This is also addressing inflammation and contains vitamins and minerals. It’s a very profound protein powder.


I’ll have a green shake at 4pm.


I have dinner with my son around 5 or 6pm. I usually make something plant based. [It could be] a pasta with butternut squash; sometimes I’ll make eggs, veggies, soup, or vegan pizzas. I always shop at Saturday and Sunday markets. I like to eat produce that is in season. Eating plant based is so easy and economic.


[I scroll through Instagram] at night, but not close to bed. Having a clear space before you go to bed is really important.

I don’t leave my phone next to my bed. I don’t want it to be the first and last thing I do before I fall asleep. I try have my phone charging somewhere else in my room because of my alarm. We have a basket next to the front door; when my sons were constantly on their phones and people were coming over for dinner, they would put them in the basket. So no phones at the table and I encourage [my sons] to be off their phones before bed.

At the moment, I try to discipline myself to read before bed. I’m actually reading this book called ‘City of Girls’ [by Elizabeth Gilbert]; I’m finding it really amusing. But I also like non-fiction books. I try to find inspiring books and read a few pages before going to sleep. Nourishing the body is not only what we put in our mouths and in our gut – we know the gut brain connection is quite important – but it’s also what we put in our mind and heart. I try to nourish myself with good quality stuff.


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