Natural beauty. Talented Actress. And now, the face of ModelCo.

You’ve seen Anna Bamford, but not like this.

The hard-working actress, best known for playing Miranda Beaumont, the girl-next-door (but technically, same apartment) on TEN’s hit series Wonderland, channels a different side of her personality in her new role as an ambassador to triple-threat Australian skincare + makeup + self-tanning brand, ModelCo.

Here, Gritty Pretty chats to Anna about her exciting new gig, her beauty secrets and what keeps her motivated.

GP: You’re the Australian Ambassador for ModelCo. How did that come about?

AB: I have always loved ModelCo products. I remember as a teenager, being obsessed with Tan Airbrush in a Can and loving the hot pink packaging. When Shelley Barrett (Founder and CEO of ModelCo) rang and asked me to be an Australian ambassador for the brand I jumped at the chance! It was so exciting to receive the entire ModelCo collection and I have enjoyed trialling [all the] products.

GP: What are some of your must-haves from the range?

AB: At the moment I am loving the new ModelCo LASH & LINE Superlash Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner. I am a big fan of playing up my eyes and I think the 2-in-1 feature is genius! Also, I literally cannot live with ModelCo Rosehip Oil – it makes such a difference to my skin!

GP: ModelCo is famous for its self-tanners. Do you have any tips for a good self-tan?

AB: I use my dry body brush to give my skin a thorough exfoliation before applying self-tanning product, [and] always have a bottle of ModelCo One Night Tan in the bathroom cupboard for emergencies!

GP: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

AB: I am super quick! Less than 15 minutes and I am out the door!

GP: What about industry events? Can you share some of your red-carpet beauty secrets? 

AB: A good primer! Sometimes I’ll get my makeup done for an event a few hours before the carpet so primer is really important so that your make up lasts! ModelCo do a great primer called Face Base! I also think it’s important to wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than being on the carpet thinking your dress is going to fall off or it’s too tight to actually walk in. I think if you’re comfortable then you can feel beautiful.

GP: Describe your beauty routine in three words?

AB: Essential; nourishing; achievable.

GP: Wonderland is such a great Aussie production – with lots of drama – does it resemble your life at all?

AB: Of course! I think the show is so wonderful because everyone can relate to it in some way. Whether it be something you or your friends have gone through. There have been times I’ve read the script and said to myself, “I remember being in this situation!”

GP: What are some qualities it takes to be a good actress?

AB: A good listener. It’s one of the most important things. If you listen to the information the other person in the scene is giving, you then you can respond truthfully in that moment. It’s something that I used to struggle with. I used to get quite nervous and instead of being in the moment, I’d be thinking, “What’s my next line!?” Also, a creative mind. You need to be able to suspend your disbelief [and] imagine and explore situations that you may never be in in reality.

And finally, resilience and patience. I think you need to have a thick skin and have the ability to get up, go to an audition and accept that you may not get the role or that you may not hear about the role for a few months. There are so many factors that come into making a show or film or play and you’re just one of them, so being able to audition and put [it] to the back of your head until the phone rings is imperative. Otherwise you’ll go crazy!

GP: That sounds challenging. How do you keep motivated?

AB: Working with amazing people on fantastic scripts. I’m currently rehearsing The Present at The Sydney Theatre Company. I’m lucky enough to be working with Cate Blanchett so that’s keeping me extremely motivated and inspired.

GP: Are there any quotes you live by?

AB: Be true to yourself.

GP: Do you have any aspirations to work overseas? In film? Or to direct?

AB: I’d love to work overseas! A lot of the television series and films overseas have such amazing writers and stories. It’s something I’d definitely love to be a part of. In saying that though, it’s a much bigger pool of actors! It’s a risk. There’s a lot of opportunities but also a lot of amazing talent. Directing is definitely something I’m interested in as well. Once I have a bit more experience I’ll explore that more.

GP: How do you go about picking your roles? What interests you in a script?

AB: I think the writing is one of the most important things; when you read a script that is written well and the whole world comes alive in your head!  I find character-driven scripts the most interesting. The psychology of the characters interests me.


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